Ion Filotti was born 26 June 1941 in Câmpulung, Argeș County, Romania to Eugen Filotti (1896-1975) and Elisabeta Tașcă (1906-1992) . He married Domnica Bottea (1942-) 1965 in Romania, Bucharest. He married Françoise Sciaky (1942-) 4 August 1974 in Saint-Maclou, Eure, Normandie, France.

Ion Filotti (born June 26, 1941) is a Romanian-born American engineer, mathematician and computer scientist.


Ion Filotti was born in Bucharest, Romania on June 26, 1941. He was the son of Eugen Filotti, a Romanian diplomat and of Elisabeta Filotti (1906-1992). Ion Filotti attended the [[Mihai Eminescu National College, Bucharest|Mihai Eminescu High School of Bucharest and the Politechnic Institute of Bucharest as well as the Faculty of Mathematics of the University of Bucharest. He then worked at the computer center of the Central Statistics Directorate.

In 1969 Ion Filotti emigrated to the United States.[1] He got a doctor’s degree in 1972 at the University of California, Berkeley in 1972 having Professor Manuel Blum as advisor, with a thesis on “The Primitive Recursive-Permutations Generate the Group of Recursive-Permutations”.[2]

Professional activity

Ion Filotti then worked as professor of Computer Science at Columbia University in New York. Moving to Paris he concentrated on research, being Director of Research at the French National Centre for Scientific Research (CNRS), for a time also teaching at the University of Paris.

In his later years he turned to the private sector. He created the "Non Standard Logics" company in Paris [3] and besides worked for other companies. He was also member of the Board of Directors of the "Alcion Group" [4]

Social activity

Apart from his professional work Ion Filotti was also pursued various political and social activities. He was a signatory of the “Appeal for the International Condemnation of the Criminality and Illegitimacy of Communism’’ and of the ‘’Open letter to the Minister of Justice of Romania for the Condemnation of Communism’’.[5] He also gave lectures at the 2005 Summer School of at the Memorial of Victims of Communism in Sighet, Romania.[6] [7]

Ion Filotti is also board member of the Pro Patrimonio Foundation, a member of Europa Nostra organization whose mission is to identify, preserve, and advocate for the historic and natural heritage of Romania.[8]


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  • Techniques for Dynamic Software Migration (1988) (with G. Attardi and J. Marks


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Offspring of Ion Filotti and Françoise Sciaky (1942-)
Name Birth Death Joined with
Marie Filotti (1980-) 16 February 1980 Neuilly-sur-Seine, Hauts-de-Seine, Île-de-France, France Peter Wilkinson (1980-)


Offspring of Eugen Filotti (1896-1975) and Elisabeta Tașcă (1906-1992)
Name Birth Death Joined with
Andrei Filotti (1930-) 27 October 1930 Bucharest, Romania Maria Ligia Vasiliu (1934-)
Domnica Filotti (1932-2017) 28 August 1932 Bucharest, Romania 14 February 2017 Bucharest, Romania Dumitru Ghimuș (1923-1908)
Ion Filotti (1941-) 26 June 1941 Câmpulung, Argeș County, Romania Domnica Bottea (1942-)
Françoise Sciaky (1942-)
Alexandra Filotti (1947-) 18 December 1947 Bucharest, Romania Voicu Florea (1947-)
Gelu Ionescu (1937-)
Michael Shafir (1944-)


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