Iván Count von Forray was born 17 April 1817 in Săvârşin, Arad County, Austrian Empire to Andreas von Forray (1780-1830) and Julie Brunswik von Korompa (1786-1866) and died 27 June 1852 Vienna, Austrian Empire of unspecified causes.

Painting Rhoda Island on the Nile by Iván von Forray

Iván von Forray (Hungarian: Forray Iván) was born in Săvârşin, Transilvania, Austrian Empire to Andreas von Forray and Julie Brunswik von Korompa.

He first studied in his home town and subsequently at the University of Budapest. After graduation he worked in the mission in Zagreb, Croatia getting also to know Dalmatia and Slavonia.

Starting 1842 he traveled extensively in the Middle East. He first went to Alexandria, Egypt and then explored the Nile valley, the Lybian desert and then crossed the Isthm of Suez continuing into Syria. He took extensive notes and made drawings of the places he visited. His travel notes and drawings were published by his mother, Julie Brunswik von Korompa, after his death.

After returning to Europe, he continued to travel, visiting the Rhine valley and Paris.

In 1842, his mother gave him his share of his father's inheritance, making him landlord of the estate of Săvârşin. In 1847 he received the title of Count.

In 1852 he continued his travels, visiting London. Upon his return to Vienna he fell ill and died on June 27, 1852. As he did not have any successors, the line of the von Forray family became extinct.



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