Ivan Fyodorovich of Starodub, Prince of Starodub-Vladimir, was born 1315 to Fyodor Ivanovich of Starodub (c1285-1330) and died 1370 of unspecified causes.


Ivan Fyodorovich, the second son of Fyodor Ivanovich. He took over the Principality of Starodub (Vladimir) after the death of his elder brother Dmitri Fyodorovich in 1354 , and the following year he went to the Horde to Khan Chanibek, who approved him at the reign. The name of this prince is associated with a fall in the independence of the Principality of Starodub (Vladimir), and at the same time with its rulers. Ivan Fedorovich was one of those rebellious princes who in every possible way resisted Moscow's obvious desire to absorb all the possessions, and turn their princes into obedient assistants, temporarily leaving behind them only the shadow of independent rulers.

On 13 November 1359, the Grand Prince of Zvenigorod and Moscow, Ivan II Krasnyi died, and the title of Grand Prince had to go to his nine-year-old son Dmitri Ivanovich; the rival of the latter was Prince Suzdal, Dmitri III Konstantinovich. During the struggle for the title of Grand Duke between Dmitri Donskoy of Moscow and Dmitri of Suzdal, the specific princes Moscow was oppressing , clearly or secretly sympathized with the latter, and some even openly side with the Suzdal prince. Probably, Ivan was one of the last, since Dmitri Donskoy of Moscow (more precisely, his approximate ones), having brought in his will Suzdal and Rostov princes, drove Ivan out of his lot (1363), after which he left for Nizhny Novgorod to Andrei Konstantinovich, who became a prince of the service. The further fate of Ivan Fyodorovich is unknown.

Marriage and children

Ivan Fyodorovich considered childless all the genealogies, with the exception of Golovin, who, indicates he had a son Dmitri and grandson of Vasili.


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Offspring of Fyodor Ivanovich of Starodub (c1285-1330) and unknown parent
Name Birth Death Joined with
Dmitri Fyodorovich of Starodub (c1310-1354) 1310 1354
Ivan Fyorodorovich of Starodub (c1315-c1370) 1315 1370
Andrei Fyodorovich of Starodub (c1320-1380) 1320 1385


Footnotes (including sources)

Ivan Fyodorovich
Born: c1315 Died: 1363
Regnal titles
Preceded by
Dmitri Fyorodorovich
Prince of Starodub-Vladimir
Succeeded by
Andrei Fyorodorovich