Ivan Ivanovich of Zvenigorod, Prince of Zvenigorod (Moscow), was born 1354 to Ivan II Ivanovich of Moscow (1326-1359) and Aleksandra Ivanovna Velyaminova (c1332-1364) and died 23 October 1364 of plague.

Ivan Ivanovich (1354-October 23, 1364), Prince of Zvenigorod (1359-1364).

Ivan Ivanovich was the son of Ivan II Ivanovich of Moscow and his second wife, Aleksandra Ivanovna. He was the brother of Dmitri Donskoy.

Following the his father's testament of he received the Principality of Zvenigorod (Moscow). The adolescent prince took part in the hostilities of 1362-1363 against Dmitri Konstantinovich, to challenge his older brother's claim to the throne of Grand Prince at his older brother [1]. The Chronicle present very little information about Ivan. He died during the plague epidemic on October 23, 1364.


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Ivan Ivanovich of Zvenigorod (1354-1364)
Born: 1354 Died: 1364
Preceded by
Ivan II Ivanovich
Prince of Zvenigorod
Succeeded by
Yuri Dmitriyevich


Offspring of Ivan II Ivanovich of Moscow (1326-1359) and Aleksandra Ivanovna Velyaminova (c1332-1364)
Name Birth Death Joined with
Dmitri Ivanovich Donskoy (1350-1389) 12 October 1350 Moscow, Russia 19 May 1389 Moscow, Russia Yevdokiya Dmitriyevna (1352-1407)
Lyuba Ivanovna
Ivan Ivanovich of Zvenigorod (1354-1364) 1354 23 October 1364
Mariya Ivanovna


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