Ivan Kalistrat Mikhailovich of Starodub (Иван Михайлович), Prince of Starodub (Vladimir), was born 1250 to Mikhail Ivanovich of Starodub (c1235-1281) and died 1315 of unspecified causes.

Ivan Mikhailovich was the third appanage Prince of Starodub-Vladimir 1281 to 1315 .


Ivan Mikhailovich, nicknamed Kalistrat, was the only son of Mikhail Ivanovich. He inherited the principality from his father, becoming the third appanage prince of Starodub-Vladimir in 1281. His year of birth is unknown; he died probably in 1315. Chronicle news about him is almost completely absent, except for contradictory information about the date of his death and about the place occupied by him in the genealogy of the princes of Starodub-Vladimir, under Mikhail Ivanovich. After the Ivan Mikhailovich's death, the principality was inherited by his only son, Fyodor Ivanovich

Marriage and children

Ivan Mikhailovich had only one son: Fyodor Ivanovich


Offspring of Ivan Kalistrat Mikhailovich of Starodub (Иван Михайлович) and unknown parent
Name Birth Death Joined with
Fyodor Ivanovich of Starodub (c1285-1330) 1285 1330
NN Ivanovna of Starodub


Footnotes (including sources)

Ivan Kalistrat Mikhailovich
Born: c1250 Died: 1315
Regnal titles
Preceded by
Mikhail Ivanovich
Prince of Starodub-Vladimir
Succeeded by
Fyodor Ivanovich