Ivan Vsevolodovich of Kholm
Иван Всеволодович (князь холмский)
, Prince of Kholm, was born 1355 to Vsevolod Aleksandrovich of Kholm (c1328-1364) and died 27 March 1402 of unspecified causes. He married NN Borisovna of Suzdal-Nizhny Novgorod (c1372-1396) .

Ivan Vsevolodovich (c1355-27 March 1402) - Prince of Kholm ( Tver land ), son of Vsevolod Alexandrovich , took possession of the lot , together with his elder brother, Yuri in 1364 after the death of their father.

According to some accounts, he took part in the Battle of Kulikovo .

The chronicular chronicle for 1396 calls him apparently the first wife, talking about her death: "In the same winter wife of Ivan Vsevolodovich of Tver, the daughter of Grand Duke Boris Konstantinovich of Nizhny Novgorod , died, and was interred in the church of St. Savior in Tver."

In 1397 he left for Moscow , where he married the sister of the Grand Duke of Moscow Vasily I , Anastasia Dmitrievna, and received Torzhok, and the following year the Grand Prince sent him to reign in Pskov, where he lived only 4 months.

After the death of the Grand Prince of Tver, Mikhail Aleksandrovich, Ivan returned to Tver in 1400, reconciled with the new Grand Prince of Tver Ivan Mikhailovich, and received his part of the Kholmsk estate back. Soon after the reconciliation, at Easter 1402, Ivan Vsevolodovich died, taking before his death the schema under the name of Ignatius.

Since he was childless, his part of the Principality of Kholm was bequeathed to the son of Ivan Mikhailovich Tverskoy prince Alexander .



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