Ivan Vsevolodovich of Starodub, Prince of Starodub (Vladimir), was born 28 August 1197 to Vsevolod III Yuryevich of Vladimir (1154-1212) and Mariya Shvarnovna of Ossetia (1155-1205) and died 1247 of unspecified causes.

Ivan Vsevolodovich (28 August 1197/1198 - 1247), sometimes nicknamed Kasha (Porridge) was appanage prince of Starodub (Vladimir) (1238-1247). He was the youngest son of Vsevolod of Vladimir.

After his father's death, was involved in (1212-1213) in the inheritance fight of his older brothers, Konstantin of Rostov and Yuri II of Vladimir, siding with the latter.

In 1226, together with his elder brother Svyatoslav III Vsevolodovich of Vladimir led a successful campaign of the Grand Principality of Vladimir against the Mordovians.

After the invasion of Batu Khan Grand Prince Yaroslav II of Vladimir gave Ivan the appanage Principality of Starodub (Vladimir), which had just been devastated by the Tatars. In 1246, Ivan went with Yaroslav to the Golden Horde.

He was succeeded by his son Mikhail Ivanovich of Starodub



Offspring of Ivan Vsevolodovich of Starodub
Иван Всеволодович, князь стародубский and Nomen nescio
Name Birth Death Joined with
Mikhail Ivanovich of Starodub (c1235-1281) 1235 1281 Nomen nescio



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