Ivan Yuryevich of Turov was born 1145 to Yuri Yaroslavich of Turov (c1109-1167) and Anna Vsevolodovna of Goroden (c1127-1190) and died 1183 of unspecified causes. Charlemagne (747-814), Alfred the Great (849-899), Rollo of Normandy (860-932), Charlemagne (747-814)/s.

Ivan Yurievich Turovsky - Prince of Turov in the 12th century, mentioned in 1167 - 1170, the son of the Prince of Turov, Yuri Yaroslavich and his wife Anna, the daughter of the prince of the city of Vsevolodko Davydovich.


Ivan was the grandson of Prince of Volhynia Yaroslav Svyatopolchich. Refers to the first generation of Princes of Turov who ruled after the division of the Principality of Turov into possessions. Of the five sons of Yuri Yaroslavich, Ivan appears in the annals of the second in time. The mention in the annals of "Gyurgevich Ivan from Turov" gives grounds for believing that he himself was directly in the appanage Principality of Turov (In the annals he and his two brothers are mentioned with the definition "Turovsky", "from Turov") [1].

Ancient town of medieval Turov and the Archaeological Museum. Turov, Zhytkavichy Rayon, Homiel Voblasts

In the Resurrection Chronicle it is mentioned under 1167, in Gustynsky Chronicle - under 1168 year. Together with other princes of Russia, he opposed the Polovtsians, who robbed the merchant caravans on the Dnieper that they sailed from Byzantium :

"... And then, according to the little ambassador, Mstislav took his brother, and all the brothers in Kiev got him: Yaroslav from Luchsk, Volodymyr Andreyevich from Dorogobuzh, Rurik from Vruchogo , Davyd from Vyshegorod and Gyurgevich Ivan from Turov ."

In 1170 Ivan participated again in the campaign against the Polovtsians [1] .

According to the Ipatiev Chronicle, in 1170 he helped Prince Mstislav Izyaslavich to occupy the throne of Kiev, from which he had ousted by the order of the Grand Princes of Vladimir-Suzdal Andrei Yuryevich of Bogolyubovo[2] .

The year of death is unknown.

Marriage and children

The name of Ivan Yurevich's wife is unknown. Information about children is controversial - in the beginning of the 13th century several princes of Turov without patronymics are mentioned. L. Voitovich suggests that the son of Ivan could be the Prince of Turov Andrei Ivanovich, executed by the Mongols after the defeat of the unified Russian-Polovtsian army in the Battle of the Kalka River (1223) [3]. .


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Offspring of Ivan Yuryevich of Turov and unknown parent
Name Birth Death Joined with
Andrei Ivanovich of Turov (c1180-1223) 1180 1123 Unknown Mstislavna of Smolensk (c1190-c1240)


Offspring of Yuri Yaroslavich of Turov (c1109-1167) and Anna Vsevolodovna of Goroden (c1127-1190)
Name Birth Death Joined with
Ivan Yuryevich of Turov (c1145-c1183) 1145 1183
Svyatopolk Yuryevich of Turov (c1147-1190) 1147 19 April 1190
Malfrida Yuryevna of Turov (1150-c1209) 1150 1209 Vsevolod Yaroslavich of Lutsk (c1150-c1212)
Anna Yuryevna of Turov (c1152-c1209) 1152 1209 Ryurik II Rostislavich of Kiev (c1137-1212)
Yaroslav II Yuryevich of Pinsk (c1154-1187) 1154 1187 Yefrosiya Borisovna (c1150-c1200)
Gleb Yuryevich of Turov (c1155-1195) 1155 1 March 1195
Yaropolk Yuryevich of Pinsk (c1157-c1994) 1157 1994


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Ivan Yuryevich of Turov
Born: c1145 Died: c1183
Preceded by
Yuri Yaroslavich
Prince of Turov and Pinsk
Succeeded by
Gleb Yuryevich
Preceded by
Gleb Yuryevich
Prince of Turov
Succeeded by
Preceded by
Svyatoslav III Vsevolodovich
Prince of Chernigov
Succeeded by
Igor Svyatoslavich