Full name[]

Jacob Chappuzeau

Name variations[]

Iakov Shapizo

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It is almost certain that Jacob was descended from Samuel Chappuzeau (1625-1701), and was probably his grandson, because there was only one Chappuzeau family in Hannover. Possible candidates for his father are Laurent Chappuzeau (c1654-1724), Henry Chappuzeau (1660-?) and Jean Chappuzeau (1662-?)


The Amburger Archive lists an unnamed Chappuzeau whose sister married Count Jean Armand L'Estocq.

Since Alexander (Jacob's son) is listed as nephew of L'Estocq, and was involved in the L'Estocq affair, it is implied that the unnamed Chappuzeau and his sister were both siblings of Jacob.


  • (1) Name Unknown
  • (2) Anna Kellerman (1700-1757) Born Moscow

Anna also married Nicolas Rental at some time. Since Jacob's wife is described in one place as Anna Rental, Nicolas might have been her FIRST husband. The records are not clear on this.


Alexander b c1720

Alexander had one recorded child, Anna, born in Astrakhan in 1755

Magdalena Freiderike christened Reval 15/9/1721

Anna Justina christened Reval 7/11/1722

Catherina christened Reval 12/10/1725

Dorothes christened Reval 1/10/1726

Hermann Jacob christened 28/9/1727

Ernst Jacob christened 30/11/1729

Peter christened 17/1/1731

Hermann b 1732

Jakob christened Reval 13/5/1733


Little is known of his life


Jakob first appears in the records as a Lieutenant in the English fleet. He was a Captain in the Russian fleet from 1716, and captured three Swedish ships during the Nordic War. This was the first victory of the Russian fleet on the open sea


Peter Possiet der Roussier, Russian lieutenant (????-1790), was married on 5th June 1776 in Moscow to Anna de Chappuzeau (1755-1826), the daughter of Alexander de Chappuzeau. They are amongst the ancestors of the family of Stael von Holstein.




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