James Albert Morrow was born in Tompkins Township, Jackson County MI, in 1878 where his parents had settled sometime after 1873. The family moved to Clay County Iowa sometime between the birth of Patrick Henry in 1881, and the marrige of Margaret Mariah in 1891. In 1902, at the time of his fathers death, James was living on his own in Spring Valley, Adair Co IA.

James and Sophia married about 1908, with their first child, Ellen, being born in 1909. About the time of their marriage James aquired land in Mountrail Co, in northwestern North Dakota, under the Homestead Act. It does not appear that they lived on the land itself but rented it to others who lived there, and worked the land. James made his living operating grain elevators in various towns in the area. The family made their home(s) in Minot and at various other times in some of the surrounding small towns. Sophia took ill sometime in the early 20's, and James moved the family to the Pacific northwest with the hope that a change in climate would help. They first settled in Richmond Beach, a small community on the Puget Sound north of Seattle, WA. James found suitable land for farming in Unalaska, Lewis Co WA, where the family moved probably about 1925. Sophia died in 1928 soon after the move. James died ten years later in 1938.

White Earth Valley in Mountrail Co, ND. James and Sophia lived in this general area from their marriage in 1910 to about 1925. Photographer: Tracie Heinle, Source:

Location map for Lowland Twp, Mountrail Co, ND. James and Sophia were here about 1920.

Chehalis, Lewis Co. WA; James and Sophia moved to Cinnebar, just outside of Chehalis, about 1925?. Both are buried in a Chehalis cemetery.

Ward Co, ND, showing Evelyn Willis POB in Minot (Green dot), and Ward Township where James and Sophia made their home in 1910 in the town of Donnybrook (black dot). The fact that Evelyn was born in Minot probably means that she was not born at home as had been the usual case up until the 20th century, but in a hospital. Minot was the largest town in Ward County, and probably had the only hospital in the area.

Dickinson, and Clay Co, IA, where James' family lived; James was living in Adair Co IA at the time of his fathers death, but the following year was living in Spirit Lake, Dickinson Co near his married younger brother Patrick Henry.

Jackson Co MI, where James was born in 1878


DOB: 1 Apr 1877
POB: Tompkins, Jackson, Michigan
DOD: 28 February, 1938
POD: Chehalis or Cinnebar, Lewis Co, WA
Spouse: Sohia Cecilia Mucha (1885-1928)
DOM: c1907 based on DOB of eldest child.
Father: James S. Morrow
Mother: Ellen Stackpole


James was the son of James S. Morrow (1846-1902) and Ellen Stackpole (1847-1901). James family came to America from Ireland c.1836 ten years before the beginning of the Irish Potatoe Famine. They settled in Moretown, and later Waterbury, Washington County, Vermont.

Ellen's family is not known, but she consistently gave her place of birth as Ireland in US Census records. Some of her children's census records as adults show their mother as having been born in Ireland, but at least two show her having been born at sea. It seems likely that she came to America as an infant about 1847. Evelyn Francis Morrow (1913-2005) says of her grandmother that "she had a hard early life"; this may indicate that she came to America during the Potatoe Famine.

Patrick Morrow Bridget McArty Mark McNulty Mary O'Harren
James and Katherine Immigrated a Married Couple from Ireland about 1835
James Morrow (c1795-1881) Katherine McNulty (1802-1894) Immigrated as an Infant from Ireland during the Potatoe Famine, Parents Unknown Emigrated as a Married Couple from Galicia to Minnesota during the Great Economic Emigration in 1888
James S. Morrow (1846-1902) Ellen Stackpole (1847-1901) Lawrence Mucha (1846-?) Mary Novak
James Albert Morrow (1878-1938) Sohia Cecilia Mucha (1885-1928)


Ellen Morrow (1908-1985)

1) Edward Kalnoski (?-?) 2) 1892 Raymond Huntting (?-?)
Donald Morrow (1912-?)

Alice Nolan
Evelyn Francis Morrow (1913-2005)

1943 Baltimore MD Thurston L. Willis (1913-1991)

Evelyn and Don, with father James Albert Morrow, c. 1930, in Unalaska, WA. Evelyn described this photo as being taking at a neighbors house, where they had been invited for Sunday Dinner. Ellen is already married at this time, and so not with the family. James is standing hands in pocket, in what he believed to be "business man" pose "ready to do honest business with you, but don't try to take advantage". There are several photos of him standing in exacty this same way. Note the difference in width of ties on Don and James. Don's uptodate with the standard wide tie of the time, while James still favors the thin ties of the previous decade.

Family History[]



1908 Land Patent[]

BLM Record

  • Patentee: JAMES A MORROW
  • Survey
  • Acres: 160
  • Metes/Bounds: No
  • Title Transfer
  • Issue Date: 2/17/1908
  • Land Office: Montana State Office
  • Cancelled: No
  • U.S. Reservations: Yes
  • Mineral Reservations: No
  • Authority: April 24, 1820: Sale-Cash Entry (3 Stat. 566)

Document Numbers

  • Document Nr.: 14353
  • Accession/Serial Nr.: NDMTAA 060974
  • BLM Serial Nr.: NDMTAA 060974

1910 Census[]

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Year 1910 House # Commentary
State North Dakota Family # Sophia gives her POB as MN, and her parents POB as Ireland. Neither POB is consistent with census records for her family in previous years, or with the family emigration data.
County Ward
Township Carbondale
Name Age YOB Occupation Years Married For Mother # Children Born For Mother # Children Living Immigration Year POB Fathers POB Mothers POB
James A. Morrow 33 1877 Clerking, Implement House 2 MN VT Ireland
Sophia C. 23 1887 2 1 1 MN Ireland Ireland
Ellen M. 1 1909 ND MI MN

1920 Census

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Year 1920 House # Commentary
State ND Family # *James is shown as a salaried emplyee, he and Sophie are listed as able to read and write. Their neighbors immediately previous to them include a minister, hotelkeep, and a clerk at the State Bank. Their neighbors following them are listed as farmers.
County Mountrail
Township Lowland
Name Age YOB Occupation Immigration Year POB Fathers POB Mothers POB
James A. Morrow [Ancestry indexes him as James O. Morrow] 42 years c 1878 Grainbuyer, Farmers Elevator MI VT Ireland
Sophie 33
Ellen 11
Donald 7
Evelyne 6

1930 Census[]

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Year 1930 House # Commentary
State WA Family # Record shows family living in a home that they own, and that they are living on a farm. James is shown as having property worth $8000, a widower, and that he was 31 at marriage.
County Lewis
Township Cinebar
Name Age YOB Occupation POB Fathers POB Mothers POB
James O Morran [James Albert Morrow] 53 c1877 Farmer MI VT Ireland
Donald G Morran [Donald G Morrow] 18 c1912 ND MI MN
Evelyn F Morran [Evelyn F. Morrow] 17 c1917 ND MI MN



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