James Borland II (1835-1903)
James Borland II
James Borland II.jpg
Sex: Male
Birth: October 2, 1835
Orange Township,
Carroll County, Ohio
Death: May 11, 1903
Harrison County, Ohio
Burial: Long View Cemetery,
Monroe Township, Harrison County,
Father: James Borland (1792-aft1850)
Mother: Mary McQuiston (1795-1854)
Siblings: ? Borland (bet1825&1830-bet1840&1850)
Nancy Borland (bet1825&1830-?) (suspected)
Samuel Borland (c1829-bet1860&1870)
Mary Jane Borland (1832-1910)
Simpson Arthur Borland (1836-1910)
Joseph Borland (c1843-bet1860&1870)
Spouse/Partner: Catherine Jane Walker (1848-1928)
Marriage: December 17, 1868
Children: Charles Oliver Borland (1871-1931)
James Carruthers Borland (1877-1943)

James Borland II (1835-1903)


James was born October 2, 1835 in Orange Township, Carroll County, Ohio, to parents James Borland (1792-aft1850) and Mary McQuiston (1795-1854).

1840 Census[]

In the 1840 census, James is believed to have resided in the household of his father in Orange Township, Carroll County, Ohio. A reconstruction of the household based on the census data is as follows:

1850 Census[]

In 1850, James was listed in the household of his father, in Monroe Township, Harrison County, Ohio.

Military Service[]

James was a volunteer soldier in the civil war.

Marriage to Catherine Walker[]

On December 17, 1868, James married Catherine Jane Walker (1848-1928).

Children by Catherine Walker[]