James is the son of William Marks (Abt 1803-1861) and Ann Lamb (1816-1894).


Full Blooded[]

Half Blooded[]

James has the same mother as:

Name Variations[]

  • James Marks


James was born at Salem Vale a property that was later purchased and renamed Markdale by his father. James was born before William and Ann were married. William is not mentioned on the birth certificate. It is therefore possible that William is not Jame's biological father. He was baptised as James Lamb by the Church of England in Narellan on 25 December 1837. He has conflicting christening information of 1835 and Fish River, King County, New South Wales, Australia, but this is before his supposed birth date.

James married Margaret Robertson, daughter of Lachlan Robertson and Christina McKinnon, in 1856 in Lockyersleigh, Goulburn, New South Wales. In 1867 as a farmer at Markdell near Goulburn according to the Post Office Directory of NSW in the extracts for County Argyle. He worked as a Householder at Dixons in 1872 in Bigga, Georgiana County, New South Wales. In the same year he also worked as an Undertaker in Binda. He is listed as as the undertaked at the burial of his half sister Kesty Campbell.

James died when he fell from his horse while brumby chasing at Markdale.



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