James Olmstead 1551 was born 22 March 1551 in Great Waltham, Essex, England to James Olmstead (1520-1553) and Alice Hawkins (1522-1553) and died 2 December 1580 Great Leighs, Essex, England of unspecified causes. He married Jane Bristow (1551-1595) 12 August 1576 JL in Great Leighs, Essex, England.


Great Leighs Church Records

James Olmsted and Jane Bristow, married 12th August, 1576. Bap- tized: Thomas, 7th June, 1577; Richard, 22d March, 1579; James, 4th De- cember, 1580; Elizabeth, 2d September, 1582; Nicholas, 24th November, 1583; Mary, 10th October, 1585; Mabell, 16th July, 1587; Elizabeth, 2d November, 1589; John, 20th February, 1592-3; Mary, 15th December, 1593; Thomas (twin), 15th December, 1593. Buried: EUzabeth, dau. of James Olnisted, 19th December, 1582; Mary, dau. of James Olmsted, 22d December, 1594; James Olmsted, 2d December, 1595. Married: Thomas Olmsted and Margaret Sache, 4th February, 1599; James Olmsted and Joyce Cornish, 26th October, 1605.

The Will of James Olmstead

Commissary of London for Essex and Herts, 2Qth May, 1592

Abstract of the will of James Hampstead of Much Leighs, County Essex, yeoman. To Thomas Hampstead, my oldest son, land &c in Braintre Manor, called Lowes pasture, containing 16 acres and a rod Calves Croft, 3 acres, a meadow called Alms House, &c.

To Richard my second son tenements called Fords and Marshalls and 26 acres of land in my occupation and that of John Allen, joyner.

To James Hampstead, my third son, land called Broomes Croft, in the tenure of one Huckerbye and other landholders of the same maner. _

To Nicholas my fourth son a free tenement called Beeves als Bells in the ph of Braintre.

To John my fifth son, a messuage called Mair and a house in Halfieldwick in Terling.

To my daughter Mabel, £40.

To my daughter Elizabeth, £40 when 21 or married.

(Signed) James Holmestede, Witnesses: wife Jane extrix. Thomas Hubbard Richard-Hyde. Robert Turner. Thomas Tannack.

Proved 8th January, 1594-5,


Offspring of James Olmstead 1551 and Jane Bristow (1551-1595)
Name Birth Death Joined with
Thomas Olmstead (1577-)
Richard Olmstead (1579-1641) 22 March 1579 Great Leighs, Essex, England 16 November 1641 Fairstead, Essex, England Frances Slany (1587-1630)
James Olmstead (1580-1640) 4 December 1580 Great Leighs, Essex, England 28 September 1640 Hartford, Hartford County, Connecticut Joyce Cornish (1580-1621)
Elizabeth Olmstead (1582-1583)
Nicholas Olmstead (1583-1679)
Mary Olmstead (1585-1594)
Mabel Olmstead (1587-1628)
Elizabeth Olmstead (1589-1634)
John Olmstead (1592-)



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