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{{disambig}}<!-- hndis can come when someone has time -->
{{Similar person names|name=Patterson, Jane}}{{tocright}}{{trywp}}'''"{{PAGENAME}}"''' may refer to:
<!-- *{{PAGENAME}}, child of [[{{{1}}} "Jack" {{{2}}} (1758-1822)]] leave this line
for copying with changes to description -->
*[[Jane Patterson (c1714-)]], wife of Samuel Walker
*[[Jane Patterson (c1714-)]], wife of Samuel Walker
*[[Jane Patterson (1819-1892)]]
[[Category:Patterson (surname)|Jane]]
<br />
==Search using Semantic MediaWiki (which may include some of the above)==
{{Same name|Jane|Patterson}}{{DEFAULTSORT:Jane}}<!--just first name here, with no space after it-->[[Category:Patterson (surname)]]<!--don't use {{T|surname}}: it sorts on full pagename-->
==More detail of some==
<!-- details from census and other records can help distinguish -->
==Notes and references==
==See also==
* <!-- add links to existing and/or potential disambiguation pages with similar spellings -->

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