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January 16 in recent years
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January 16 is the 16th day of the year in the Gregorian calendar. There are 349 days remaining until the end of the year (350 in leap years).




Holidays and observances[]

Religious holidays[]


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133 Familypedia people were born on January 16

 FatherMotherAge mother at birth
Tanguy Abgrall (1868-1950)
Dorothy Allen (1707-1782)Benjamin Allen (1682-1755)Deborah Russell (1681-1755)
Joshua Horton Alphin (1841-1924)Israel Dodge Allphin (1814-1903)Burnetta Collings (1818-1874)
René Angélil (1942-2016)Joseph Angélil (1900-1967)Alice Sara (1915-1997)
Anthony Ashley-Cooper, 2nd Earl of Shaftesbury (1652-1699)Anthony Ashley-Cooper, 1st Earl of Shaftesbury (1621-1683)Frances Cecil (1633-1652)
Kunigunde Barbara Bach (1832-1915)Johann Konrad Bach (1794-1857)Anna Maria Schmidt (1796-1877)
Gordon Baird (1826-1920)
Charlotte Ballantine (1916-1996)Irvine Ballantine (1887-1939)Gerrie Boon (1891-1966)
Priscilla Bartlett (1696-1758)Benjamin Bartlett (1658-1724)Ruth Pabodie (1658-1724)
Marcey Benedict (1978)Vincent Benedict (1945-1999)Arlene Lawton (1950-1999)
Lewis Crum Bidamon (1806-1891)
Gertrude Sarah Blackman (1858-1948)William Richard Blackman (1825-1898)Mary Single (1832-1909)
Hendrik Blikkenhorst (1782-?)Adrianus Hendriksz Blikkenhorst (1742-1788)Jantje Jacobus Kras (1749-1802)
William Blumenfeld (1860-1940)John Blumenfeld (1830-1893)Tamara Brickner (1833-1896)
Maurice William Bowen (1862-1933)Maurice Bebb Bowen (1831-1913)Elizabeth Caroline Hayward (1834-1917)
... further results

120 Familypedia people died on January 16

 FatherMotherAge at death
Pieter Olfertsz (1693-1730)Olfert
Mary Abell (1680-1751)Benjamin Abell (1650-1699)Hannah Baldwin (1654-1717)
Leland Andrus (1891-1958)James Andrus (1860-1937)Eleanor Lydia Adelaide Dodge (1862-1911)
Simeon Avery (1759-1803)Charles Avery (1730-1774)Abigail Post (1733-1774)
William Bacon (1851-1929)John Bacon (c1817-1866)Ann Maria Powers (c1812-1914)
Elanor Bahr (1918-1999)Wilhelm Bahr (1888-1956)Veronica Flodqvist (1887-1960)
Henry George Bailey (1859-1902)Henry Bailey (1841-1903)Mary Margaret Christie (1839-1868)
Christian Barclay (1582-1640)George Barclay, 10th Laird of Mathers (1536-1607)Mary Erskine (1537-1575)
Anna Barnes (1798-1847)Abijah Barnes (1770-1833)Abi Bradford (1775-1833)
Hannah Bartlett (1690-1763)Samuel Bartlett (1662-1713)Hannah Pabodie (1662-1723)
Nathaniel Bassett (1630-1710)William Bassett (c1590-1667)Elizabeth Bassett (1603-1651)
Ide de Meulan (c1255-1324)Amaury II de Meulan (c1180-c1260)Marguerite de Neufbourg (1223-1277)
Cornelia Besseling (1882-1951)Johannes Besseling (1851-1922)Catharina Klaver (1851-1941)
Eilika von Sachsen (c1081-1142)Magnus von Sachsen (c1045-1106)Sophia of Hungary (aft1050-1095)
Thomas Bingham (1642-1729)Thomas Bingham (1588-1649)Alice Fenton (1615-1670)
... further results

104 Familypedia people were first married on January 16

 FatherMotherJoined with
Sally Adams (1825-1904)James Adams (1798-1874)Betsey Leavitt (1804-1853)William Snow (1806-1879)
John Amory (1728-1803)Thomas Amory (1682-1728)Rebecca Holmes (1700-1770)Katharine Greene (1731-1778)
Jackson Dominick Arnold (1912-2007)Albert C. Arnold (1882-)Irene Dominick (1892-)Muriel Katherine McChesney (1915-2004)
Thomas Hender Arnold (1777-1852)Nathaniel Thomas Arnold (1754-1777)Thankful Field (1758-1832)Mary Polly Chard (1767-1849)
Elizabeth Davenport Ashford (1777-1825)Thomas Ashford (1731-1797)Sarah Davenport (1741-1805)Robert Hobbes (1773-1817)
Persis Atherton (1820-1906)Samuel Atherton (1782-1861)Molly Brown (1784-1835)Aaron Freeman Farr (1818-1903)
Mary Auber (1781-1835)Samuel Auber (1750-1827)Elizabeth Newman (c1753-)John Diggins (c1780-)+John Rosamond (c1780-)
James Richison Badham (1841-1888)Samuel Badham (1815-1868)Mary Bishop (1819-1844)Eliza A Fisher (1847-1928)
Persis Baker (1726-1784)Edward Baker (1696-)Persis Brigham (1703-)Jonas Brigham (1718-1789)
Dirk Bakker (1846-1933)Cornelis Bakker (1795-1857)Geertje Fit (1806-1890)Neeltje Eeken (1848-1930)
Mary Barker (c1670-1734)Raynold Jolly (c1670-1703)
Johannis Blok (c1799-1826)Hendrik Blok (c1752-)Martina Verseput (c1762-1837)Helena Brandenburg (c1798-1828)
George William Howard Bowen (1864-1937)George Ferguson Bowen (1821-1899)Diamantina di Roma (c1832-1893)Gertrude Alice Chamberlain (1875-1967)
Jonas Brigham (1718-1789)David Brigham (1678-1750)Mary Leonard (1674-1741)Persis Baker (1726-1784)
Anne Brinley (1628-1708)Thomas Brinley (1580-1661)Ann Wade (1606-1661)William Coddington (1601-1678)
... further results