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January 20 in recent years
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January 20 is the 20th day of the year in the Gregorian calendar. There are 345 days remaining until the end of the year (346 in leap years).

In astrology, it is the cusp day between Capricorn and Aquarius.




Holidays and observances[]

Religious feasts[]


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155 Familypedia people were born on January 20

 FatherMotherAge mother at birth
Edwin Eugene Aldrin (1930)Edwin Eugene Aldrin (1896-1974)Marion Gaddys Moon (1903-1968)
Theodore T. Alexander (1939-2004)Stephanos Alexandropolis (1909-1990)Diamando Lemonis (1920-1987)
Mehitable Allen (1664-1725)Samuel Allen (1632-1718)Sarah Tracy Partridge (1639-1717)
Annie Andrus (1902-1973)Alma Andrus (1857-1932)Serena Gardner (1860-1951)
Samuel Arey (1719-1759)Richard Arey (1682-1737)Lydia Norton (1685-1727)
Samuel Green Arnold (1778-1826)Welcome Arnold (1745-1798)Patience Greene (1754-1809)
Lucille Marien Augustine (1924-)John Frederick Augustine (1886-1970)Cora Arledge (1886-1963)
Caitlyn Aumann (1898-1940)
George Washington Gill Averett (1824-1902)John Averett (1780-1847)Jennette Hamilton Gill (1786-1855)
Charles George Beauclerk (1774-1845)Topham Beauclerk (1739-1780)Diana Spencer (1734-1808)
Moyra de Vere Beauclerk (1876-1942)William Ameleus Aubrey de Vere Beauclerk, 10th Duke of St. Albans (1840-1898)Grace Bernal-Osborne (-1926)
Barbara Beiler (1723-1781)
Kenneth Allen Bell (1906-1980)Horace Stanley Bell (1879-1967)Florence May Pendlebury (1880-1938)
Elizabeth Bland Blair (1709-1775)Archibald Blair (1657-1736)Mary Wilson Roscoe-Cary (1675-1742)
Elizabeth Blanch (1821-1910)Edward Blanch (c1787-1860)Maria B Ashdown (c1789-1837)
... further results

146 Familypedia people died on January 20

 FatherMotherAge at death
Maritsa Vladimirovna (c1085-1146)Vladimir II Vsevolodovich Monomakh of Kiev (1053-1125)Gytha of Wessex (1053-1098)
Annie Albee (1776-1813)
John Gladding Aldrich (1864-1952)Elisha Smith Aldrich (1836-1905)Anna Elizabeth Gladding (1837-1897)
Edith Ida Stuart Appleton (1849-1892)William Stuart Appleton (1814-1891)Georgiana Louisa Frances Armistead (1817-)
Jaime IV de Mallorca (c1336-1375)Jaime III de Mallorca (1315-1349)Constance of Aragon (1318-1346)
Martín I of Aragon (1356-1410)Pedro IV of Aragon (1319-1387)Eleanor of Sicily (1325-1375)54
Ezra Arnold (1707-1780)Edward Arnold (1679-1744)Mercy Brewster (1685-1748)
Rebecca Frances Ashcroft (1854-1937)Henry Ashcroft (1827-1896)Rebecca Frances Taber (1830-1902)
Sarah Atkinson (1665-1724)John Atkinson (1636-1715)Sarah Merrick (1608-1687)
Anthony Harley Bacon (c1845-1900)Anthony Bacon (1796-1864)Charlotte Mary Harley (1801-1880)
Sarah Baker (1641-1709)John Baker (1598-1680)Elizabeth Day (1606-1666)
John Benedict (1741-1808)Benjamin Benedict (1706-1779)Hannah Bostwick (1711-)
Mary Benning (-c1724)
James Bigelow (1660-1728)John Bigelow (1617-1703)Mary Warren (1624-1691)
Martha Bigelow (1662-1729)John Bigelow (1617-1703)Mary Warren (1624-1691)
... further results

100 Familypedia people were first married on January 20

 FatherMotherJoined with
Melvin Ohio Adams (1847-1920)Joseph Adams (1818-1891)Dolly Winship Whitney (1819-1901)Mary A Colony (1850-1925)
Dorothy Amory (1878-1907)Charles Walter Amory (1842-1913)Elizabeth Gardner (1843-1930)Frederic Bayard Winthrop (1868-1932)
Pieter Appelman (1768-1848)Jan Appelman (-)Grietje Appelman (-)Jantje de Boer (1769-1836)
Ernst von Anhalt-Dessau (c1455-1516)Georg I. von Anhalt-Dessau (c1390-1474)Anne von Lindau-Ruppin (c1430-1513)Margarete von Münsterberg-Öls (1473-1530)
Elizabeth Backus (1721-1745)Samuel Backus (1693-1740)Elizabeth Tracy (1698-1769)Jabez Huntington (1719-1786)
Jan Bakker (c1780-bef1852)Crelis Bakker (-)Grietje Crelis (-)Elisabeth Schoenmaker (1772-1831)
Julian Eleanor Adelaide Balfour (1867-1946)Charles Balfour (c1823-1872)Minnie Georgiana Liddell (1843-1927)Jacob Pleydell-Bouverie, 6th Earl of Radnor (1868-1930)
Daniel Barnes (1736-1813)Daniel Barnes (1701-1775)Zeryiah Eager (1705-1781)Martha Brigham (1739-1769) + Sarah Stratton (1746-)
Esther Beckett (1798-1840)James Beckett (1758-c1808)Ann Calcutt (-c1821)John Hendle (1789-1823)+George Tuckwell (1803-1831)+William Samuel James (1808-1878)
Jantje Beers (1751-1817)Jacob Beers (1712-1763)Grietje Neuvel (1710-1782)Dirk Meester (1746-1822)
Joseph Bradford (1751-1812)Joshua Bradford (1710-1758)Hannah Bradford (1720-1758)Abigail Starling (1752-1832)
Rachel Bramble (1846-1936)William Bramble (1804-1887)Lydia Jean Austen (1820-1872)William Brisbane Piper (1844-1898)
Martha Brigham (1739-1769)Joseph Brigham (1706-1786)Comfort Bigelow (1707-1755)Daniel Barnes (1736-1813)
Pieter Broersen (1784-1867)Jan Broersen (1754-1822)Marijtje Mooij (1756-1787)Meinouwtje Eeken (1788-1847)
Jessie Brown (1867-1948)Abraham Joseph Brown (1830-1911)Sarah Jane Casson (1838-1905)William Henry Ellem (1863-1950)
... further results