Jesse V. Messerly
Sex: Male
Birth: c1888
Death: 6 Oct 1940 Fairfield [1]
Father: Jesse Messerly (1854)
Mother: Samantha A. Messerly
Spouse/Partner: Anna M Messerly

Jesse V. Messerly

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Name Birthdate Birthplace Death date Death place
Children of Jesse Messerly (c1888) and Anna M Messerly
Gilmer Messerly (1917)
Gilmer Vandorn
1917 Liberty, Fairfield, Ohio 16 Jan 2000 5:48 PM Lancaster
Mabel Messerly (c1919) Mabel M 1918 Liberty
Ruth Messerly (c1921) Ruth M 1921 Liberty
Jessie Messerly (1927) J Lyle 1927 Liberty


  1. ^ Ohio Death cert 60941, volume 9523