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Family History


Offspring of Joseph ben Jacob (c25 BC-) and Mary (mother of Jesus)
Name Birth Death Joined with
Jesus (c6BC-c31) 01 Bethlehem, Judea 31 Calvary, Jerusalem, Judea, Roman Empire
James ben Joseph
Joses ben Joseph
Jude ben Joseph
Simon ben Joseph
Daughters of Joseph and Mary

Genelogy to Adam

Have you ever wondered why the two genealogies of Jesus Christ listed in the New Testament are so different? Both of them trace is heritage to King David.

Matthew's shorter list follows the descent of righteous kings from Solomon of Judah and appears to skip generations of wicked rulers. It appears to be Joseph's genealogy.

Luke's longer list appears to be true parentage of Mary. It assumes that under Judaic law, Heli, had no male heirs and therefore is son-in-law (Joseph) would inherit his "kingdom". And each descendant is described as "son of ...". The only exception here is the link from Joseph to his father-in-law, Heli.

Fhe consensus of judgment on the part of investigators is that Matthew’s account is that of the royal lineage, establishing the order of sequence among the legal successors to the throne of David, while the account given by Luke is a personal pedigree, demonstrating descent from David without adherence to the line of legal succession to the throne through primogeniture or nearness of kin.a Luke’s record is regarded by many, however, as the pedigree of Mary, while Matthew’s is accepted as that of Joseph.

Hezekiah of Judah
43rd Biblical Patriarch
Regnal titles
Preceded by
12th King of Judah
Coregent: 729 – 716 BC
Sole reign: 716 – 697 BC
Coregent: 697 – 687 BC
Succeeded by


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