Joan Karn was born in approximately 1730 in Cornwall, England. Her origins are currently unknown, but she could be the daughter of Henry Carne, baptised in Ludgvan on 24/3/1715. If this is her, then her siblings are Mary, William, Henry, Anne, Margaret and Thomas. She would have also been 15 years older than her husband when she married - this is not impossible, but unlikely, which is why I have ruled this out as her parentage at this time.

It should be noted that surname Karn is often spelt in different ways, the most common way being Carne, but Karne and Carn have also been used. The spelling of Joan's last name is based on what is used on her marriage record.


Joan married Peter Trouson at Ludgvan in Cornwall on the 27th April 1750. He was the son of Thomas and Elizabeth Trounson (nee Williams) of Ludgvan.

The couple would have and raise their children in Ludgvan.

Death of Daughter[]

Peter and Joan's first born daughter Mary died at age 5 and was buried in Ludgvan on 19th August 1755.

Death of Husband[]

Peter died in the year 1772 and was buried at Ludgvan on 13th March 1772.Joan would outlive him by 7 years.


Joan was buried in Ludgvan on the 9th September 1779.


Name Birth Death
Children of Peter and Joan Trounson

Mary baptised 13/03/1750
baptised Ludgvan, Cornwall
buried 19/08/1755
buried Ludgvan, Cornwall

Elizabeth baptised 18/11/1753
baptised Ludgvan, Cornwall

Mary baptised 18/03/1757
baptised Ludgvan, Cornwall

Peter baptised 05/07/1761
baptised Ludgvan, Cornwall
buried St Erth, Cornwall