John Arent Schuyler (1779-1817)


  • Arent John Schuyler
  • Swan Schuyler

First marriage[]

He married Eliza Kip (c1780-1805) in 1800.

Second marriage[]


John Arent Schuyler, son of Arent John and Swan (Schuyler) Schuyler, was born April 12, 1779. and died at Belleville, New Jersey, October 12, 1817. He married (first) in 1800, Eliza Kip, daughter of James H. Kip, by whom his first two children. She died November 17, 1805, and he married (second) in 1807, Catherine Van Rensselaer, daughter of General Robert Van Rensselaer, of Claverack, New York, son of John Van Rensselaer, and she died February 2, 1867, by whom he had five children: 1. Arent Henry Schuyler, see forward.
2. Harriet Ann Schuyler, born January 31, 1803, baptized February 17, 1803; married, December 19, 1822, Smith W. Anderson.
3. Angelica Van Rensselaer Schuyler, died March 30, 1864.
4. John Arent Schuyler, died November 21, 1855; married Frances Elizabeth Bleecker, daughter of Alexander Bleecker, of New York City.
5. Robert Van Rensselaer Schuyler, born June 4, 1813, died at Jersey City, New Jersey, February 17, 1856; married, September 9, 1851, Kate Manchini, daughter of Angelo Manchini, by whom one child, Van Rensselaer, who was born at Brooklyn, New York, July 27, 1852, married, at Buffalo, New York, June 26, 1899, Ethel Cornelia Paul, born at Evanston, Illinois, August 10, 1876, daughter of Cornelius Danforth Paul. Kate (Manchini) Schuyler, when a widow, married her husband's nephew, John Arent Schuyler.
6. Jacob Rutsen Schuyler, born in 1816, died February 4, 1887; married, November 18, 1847, Susanna Edwards, daughter of Timothy Edwards. She was born in 1826, and died January 23, 1870.
7. Catherine Gertrude Schuyler, born in 1818, died October 8, 1887; married, October 4, 1838, Henry S. Craig.[1]