Famous descendants of Early Colonial American Immigrant John Fay (1641-1690). He first arrived in New England from Gravesend England on the Speedwell on 27 June 1656. He was married twice - Mary Brigham (-1676) and Susanna Shattuck (1642-1716). There are nearly 30 marriages between Fay and Shattuck family in the early generations.


The surname Fay is frequently found in France, Ireland, Germany, Spain, Italy, Switzerland and less frequently in a number of other European lands. It has connection to the Huguenots and early English and Irish records.

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  • Adrian Fay (1840-) - (son of Aleander) served 4 years in the civil war in the 108th NY Regt. Captured and confined 9 months at Andersonville prison.
  • Fay, Alcauder (1816-1903) - ( NFay, JFay, SFay2, SFay1, JFay) - Civil War Veteran - 94th New York Regt. - 7 children
  • Fay, Benajah (1773-1861) - First settler of Parma, Ohio arriving in 1816.
  • Fay, Ben F (1783-1863) - (Son of Joseph ) veteran war of 1812, militia colonel - unmarried.
  • Fay, John II (1669-1747) - (son of John) co-founder of Westboro MA, early town officer and militia captain.
  • Fay, Joseph (1741-1824) - (brother of Solomon) revolutionary war minuteman of 1775
  • Fay, Josiah, Col. (1731-1776) - ( JFay3, JFay2, JFay1) - a Captain in the 1st Continental Infantry Regiment from 01 Jan 1776 to his death in Aug 1776, just days before the great British Invasion of Long Island.
  • Fay, Marcus M (1844-1933) - ( AFay, NFay, JFay, SFay2, SFay1, JFay1) - civil war veteran, 9th NY Cavalry.
  • Fay, Mary (1743-1801) - (Stephen Fay (1715-1781), JFay2, JFay1) - Wife of Moses Robinson (1741-1813) - 2nd Governor of the Vermont Republic.
  • Fay, Nehemiah (1776-1856) - veteran of 1812 War, defense of Boston.
  • Fay, Samuel (1673-1732) - (Son of JFay1) - founder of Westboro MA.
  • Fay, Samuel (1735-) - (brother of Solomon) soldier in the French War in the Crown Point Expedition.
  • Fay, Seth (1757-1779) - (brother of Solomon) - Lieutenant in the revolutionary army (died in 1779?)
  • Fay, Sherebiah (1758-1839) - (brother of Solomon) - served 3 years in the revolutionary war
  • Fay, Solomon (1734-1818) - ( SFay2, SFay1, JFay1) - soldier in the French War in the Crown Point Expedition.
  • Fay, Stephen, Capt (1715-1781) - ( JFay2, JFay1) - Capt. Stephen Fay was landlord of the Catamount Tavern in Bennington VT, the notorious hangout of the "Green Mountain Boys" of Ethan Allen in the American Revolutionary War. Today it is a historic site.