John Hooke, Jr. was born 1607 in Norwich, Norfolk, England to John Hooke (c1580-) and Alice Thompson (c1580-) and died 1621 Onboard the Mayflower in Plymouth Harbor, Plymouth, Plymouth County, Massachusetts of unspecified causes.

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On 7 January 1619/20 in Leiden, Holland, twelve-year old John Hooke was apprenticed to Isaac Allerton (1586-1658) for a period of twelve years. The apprenticeship record states that his parents were John Hooke and Alice Thompson. Their marriage record is found on 9 August 1605 at St. Peter Mancroft, Norwich, co. Norfolk, England. Isaac Allerton brought John Hooke with him on the Mayflower, but his 12 or 13-year old apprentice died the first winter at Plymouth Colony.

Vital Records

Bradford's Passenger List

From Gov Bradford's listing of 1620 passengers of the Mayflower:

"Mr. Isaack Allerton, and Mary, his wife; with 3 children, Barthlomew, Remember and Mary; and a servant boy, John Hooke.

Mr. Allerton his wife dyed with the first, and his servant, John Hooke."

Vital Records

Cole's Hill Memorial


A large monument was erected in 1921 on Cole's Hill in Plymouth, Massachusetts to honor the many pilgrims who came to Plymouth Colony in the Mayflower but died during the first terrible winter and were buried here. This person is one of those person's listed thereon.

Pilgrim Monument


National Monument to the Forefathers, commemorates the Mayflower Pilgrims, (including this person) who came to Plymouth Colony in 1620 on the Mayflower. Dedicated on August 1, 1889, it is thought to be the world's largest solid granite monument. Located on an 11 acre hilltop site on Allerton Street in Plymouth, Massachusetts.



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