John Hunt was born 9 March 1833 in Albion, Edwards County, Illinois to Jefferson Hunt (1803-1879) and Celia Mounts (1805-1897) and died 1 June 1917 Snowflake, Navajo County, Arizona of unspecified causes. He married Lois Barnes Pratt (1837-1885) 4 July 1857 in San Bernardino, San Bernardino County, California, United States. He married Sarah Jane Crosby (1862-1941) 18 March 1883 in St. George, Washington County, Utah, United States. He married Happylona Sanford (1855-1927) 19 March 1887 in St. George, Washington County, Utah.


Hunt, John, a Patriarch in the Snowflake Stake of Zion and a resident of Snowflake, Arizona, was born March 9, 1833, near Albion, Edwards county, Illinois, the son of Jefferson Hunt and Celia Mounts. He was baptized in 1844 by his father and participated in the exodus from Nauvoo in 1846.

When his father enlisted in the Mormon Battalion at Council Bluffs and took part of his family with him, John was one of the children that wintered at Pueblo, Colorado, during the winter of 1846–1847, and arrived in Great Salt Lake Valley July 29, 1847. That same fall he accompanied his father and a few others to California, going after provisions, cattle, seed grain, etc. They lived on horseflesh part of the journey. Subsequently John Hunt became one of the first settlers of Provo and afterwards became one of the early pioneer settlers of San Bernardino, Southern California. John carried the mail from Los Angeles to Salt Lake City two years (1856 and 1857).

In 1857 (July 4th) he married Lois B. Pratt, a daughter of the famous missionary Addison Pratt, and moved to Beaver, Utah, in 1858. He served as sheriff of Beaver county twelve years and also acted as counselor to Bishop M. L. Shepherd. For several years he acted as a captain in a company of Utah militia. In 1877 he moved to Sevoia, now Ramah, in New Mexico, where he acted as a presiding Elder.

He was called to Snowflake, Arizona, by Apostle Erastus Snow in September, 1878, to act as Bishop, to which office he was ordained June 29, 1879, by Wilford Woodruff. He held that position till Jan. 1, 1910, having been ordained a Patriarch by Rudger Clawson in November, 1909.

His wife Lois died March 9, 1885. On March 18, 1883, he married Sarah Jane Crosby and also married Hapelona Sanford, March 19, 1887. His wife Lois bore him eight children (Ida, May, Anna, Belle, Lewis, John A., Nettie and Lois). His wife Sarah had nine children (Martha, Eva, J. Taylor, Sheldon Ross, Ita, Sanford, Frances, Georgia and Ambrose). His children were all living in 1916 except Ida who died April 26, 1915, as the wife of President David K. Udall of the St. Johns Stake. In 1916 Bishop Hunt could boast of 66 grandchildren and 32 great-grandchildren. His son Lewis served as a missionary in Great Britain in 1888–1890, another son (J. Taylor) filled a mission in the Central States in 1911–1912, and a third son (Sheldon Ross) was laboring in the Central States mission in 1916. Bishop Hunt died in Snowflake, June 1, 1917.


Offspring of John Hunt and Lois Barnes Pratt (1837-1885)
Name Birth Death Joined with
Ida Frances Hunt (1858-1915) 8 March 1858 Hamilton's Fort, Iron County, Utah, United States 26 April 1915 Hunt, Apache County, Arizona, United States David King Udall (1851-1938)
May Louise Hunt (1860-1943)
Annella Hunt (1862-1946)
Christabell Hunt (1864-1934)
Lewis Ammon Hunt (1866-1947)
John Addison Hunt (1869-1958)
Nettie Hunt (1872-1966)
Lois Hunt (1875-1971)

Offspring of John Hunt and Sarah Jane Crosby (1862-1941)
Name Birth Death Joined with
Martha Hunt (1884-1952)
Eva Hunt (1885-1936)
Jefferson Taylor Hunt (1887-1958)
Sheldon Ross Hunt (1889-1958)
Ita Hunt (1890-1981)
Arthur Sanford Hunt (1892-1954)
Frances Hunt (1894-1928)
Georgia Hunt (1896-1984)
William Ambrose Hunt (1899-1944)


Offspring of Jefferson Hunt (1803-1879) and Celia Mounts (1805-1897)
Name Birth Death Joined with
Gilbert Hunt (1825-1858) 11 April 1825 Albion, Edwards County, Illinois 14 November 1858 Salt Lake City, Salt Lake County, Utah Lydia Aredelicia Gibson (1826-1915)
Beersheba Sparks
Bethsadia Sparks
Nancy Ann Hunt (1827-1920) 10 August 1827 Springerton, White County, Illinois 26 December 1920 Edward Barber Dayley (1825-1896)
Marshall Hunt (1829-1915) 12 April 1829 Albion, Edwards County, Illinois 25 January 1915 Taylor, Navajo County, Arizona Sarah Ann Runyon (1834-1919)
Jane Hunt (1831-1899) 1 October 1831 Albion, Edwards County, Illinois 26 December 1899 San Bernardino, San Bernardino County, California Sheldon Stoddard (1830-1919)
John Hunt (1833-1917) 9 March 1833 Albion, Edwards County, Illinois 1 June 1917 Snowflake, Navajo County, Arizona Lois Barnes Pratt (1837-1885)
Sarah Jane Crosby (1862-1941)
Happylona Sanford (1855-1927)
Harriet Hunt (1835-1918) 9 February 1835 Albion, Edwards County, Illinois 10 April 1918 San Bernardino, San Bernardino County, California John Mayfield (1830-1889)
Joseph Hunt (1837-1916) 9 May 1837 Far West, Caldwell County, Missouri 2 September 1916 Monticello, San Juan County, Utah Catherine Ann Conover (1840-1906)
Cynthia Adelaide Hammer (1853-1912)
Jefferson Hunt (1839-1839) 1839 Albion, Edwards County, Illinois 1839 Albion, Edwards County, Illinois
Hyrum Hunt (1840-1880) 7 October 1840 Cardwell, Dunklin County, Missouri 25 December 1880 Oxford, Franklin County, Idaho Sarah Elizabeth Henderson (1852-1929)
Parley Hunt (1845-1847) 12 July 1845 Nauvoo, Hancock County, Illinois 1 January 1847 Pueblo, Pueblo County, Colorado
Mary Hunt (1845-1930) 12 July 1845 Bear Creek Township, Hancock County, Illinois 29 September 1930 St. Anthony, Fremont County, Idaho George David Black (1841-1913)

Offspring of Jefferson Hunt (1803-1879) and Matilda Jane Nease (1828-1865)
Name Birth Death Joined with
Thomas Jefferson Hunt (1844-1923)
Sophronia Elizabeth Hunt (1848-1942)
Julia Ellen Hunt (1852-1932)
Olive Isabelle Hunt (1854-1942)
James Franklin Hunt (1858-1917)
Liberty Independence Hunt (1860-1935)
Peter Hunt (1862-1905)
Matilda Hunt (1864-1864)
Janette Hunt (1865-1865)
Jane Hunt (1865-1958)



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