• Knight Sheriff of Anglesey
  • Constable of Carnarvon
  • Justice of Chester
  • Steward of Macclesfield
  • titular King of Mann,
  • Knight, K. G., ,
  • Lord Lt. of Ireland, Sheriff,
  • Steward of the household of King Henry V of England


Sir John de Stanley of Lathom was born circa 1386 to John de Stanley (c1350-1413) and Isabel de Latham (c1362-1414) and died 27 November 1437 of unspecified causes.

Sir John II Stanley was Knight, Sheriff of Anglesey, Constable of Carnarvon, Justice of Chester, Steward of Macclesfield and titular King of Mann, the second of that name.

His father Sir John Stanley, Lord Lieutenant of Ireland, had been granted the tenure of the Isle of Man, to him and his heirs, by Henry IV, and the younger Sir John succeeded to the Kingdom in 1414. He also held the office of Steward of Macclesfield, Cheshire.

He twice visited the Island to put down rebellions (1417 and 1422) and was also responsible for putting the laws of the Island into writing. A brief description is given in Manx Notebook (vol iii p1-4).

A. W. Moore, a Manx antiquary and Speaker of the House of Keys,[1] appraised him as follows:

“He may justly be considered an enlightened and upright ruler, much in advance of his time. He caused the ancient laws and constitutions of his little kingdom to be reduced to writing, he humbled the overbearing ecclesiastical authorities, and, after he had practically concentrated all power into his own hands, he wisely conceded a representative form of government.[citation needed]”

He purchased the Advowson of Rectory of Winwick, Cheshire from the Nostell Priory, Wakefield in 1433 - from this time onwards, this church, adjacent to his property, was to have close links with the Stanley family.

Family and Children[]

He married Isabell Harington, daughter of Robert de Harington. One of his sons was Sir Thomas Stanley, 1st Baron Stanley, and a grandson was Thomas Stanley, 1st Earl of Derby.

  1. Isabel de Stanley (1435-1460)
  2. Richard Stanley, Archdeacon of Chester7
  3. Edward Stanley, Archdeacon of Chester7
  4. Alice Stanley7
  5. Thomas Stanley, 1st Baron Stanley (c1404-1459) - Lord Lieutenant of Ireland, Lord of Latham and Knowsley, 1st Lord Stanley, Constable & Justice of Chester+8,2,3 b. c 1405, d. 11 Feb 1459
  6. (Miss) Stanley+ b. c 1408


Offspring of Sir John II Stanley, King of Mann and Isabel Harington (c1370-?)
Name Birth Death Joined with
Thomas Stanley, 1st Baron Stanley (c1404-1459) 1404 11 February 1459 Joan Goushill (c1401-aft1460)
Isabel de Stanley (1435-1460) 1435 Hooton, Cheshire, England 1460 Poynton, Cheshire, England John de Warenne (1414-1475)
Richard Dalton (c1390-)
Richard Stanley (c1410-)
Edward Stanley (c1412-)
Alice Stanley (c1415-)


Offspring of John de Stanley (c1350-1413) and Isabel de Latham (c1362-1414)
Name Birth Death Joined with
John de Stanley (c1386-1437) 1386 27 November 1437 Isabel Harington (c1370-?)
Thomas Stanley (c1392-1463) 1392 Staffordshire, England 13 May 1463 Elford, Staffordshire, England Matilda Ardene (1396-1431)
Elizabeth de Bar (c1400-1435)