Lt. Jonthan Delano was born March 1647 in Duxbury, Plymouth County, Massachusetts to Philip Delano (1602-1683) and Hester Dewsbury (c1605-1653) and died 28 December 1720 Dartmouth, Bristol County, Massachusetts of unspecified causes. He married Mercy Warren (1658-1727) 28 February 1778 in Plymouth, Plymouth County, Massachusetts.


He was granted land (800 acres?) that became New Bedford , Mass. He was elected Deputy from Plymouth to Dartsmouth.

Father's Inheritance

He served in the Pequot War of 1637 as a volunteer. In 1652, he joined with 35 other colonists to purchase with trading goods what was then called Dartmouth, Massachusetts from Massasoit, the leader of the Wampanoag, who drew the boundaries. It was sold to the Religious Society of Friends or Quakers, who wished to live outside the stringent religious laws of the Puritans. Philippe gave his portion of the acquisition, amounting to 800 acres (3.2 km²), to his son Jonathan Delano. He died on August 22, 1681, in Bridgewater, Massachusetts

1676 King Philip's War

Jonathan was a militia captain in the company of Benjamin Church during King Philip's War (1675-1676). In 1676 Jonathan took part in an expedition that fought at Battle of Mount Hope that captured and slayed the Wampanoag tribe's chief "King Philip".

An account of the company during an attack includes references to Jonathan. They started out from John Cook's "ruined" house at "Cushnet" (Acushnet, now the northern part of the town of Dartmouth). At some point William Fobes, brother of another Smith ancestor, alerted Church to the presence of Indian women gathering hurtleberries. Their "sachem" lived in the swamps after being driven from their land in Rhode Island. Church asked "Mr. Dillano, who was acquainted with the ground and the Indian language," and Mr. Barnes to approach the group with him. One of the women, who planted an orchard and lived in a house on Sanford's land knew Church as a former neighbor. She ran to him, calling his name. Church asked Delano to tell them not to run, but to surrender. Most did, but some were killed while running away. Jonathan gathered the prisoners, who, with the dead, numbered 66. They belonged to the sachem of "King" Philip. Apparently Philip and Qunnappin, with other men of the sachem, had gone to Sconticut neck. Church sent Jonathan to meet their Indian allies and capture the men. There were hundreds of Indians on the neck. 63 were captured and 3 killed. All the prisoners were taken to Plymouth.

Marriage and Family

28 FEB 1677/78 in Plymouth, Massachusetts to Mercy Warren b: 20 FEB 1657/58 in Plymouth, Massachusetts. She was the daughter of Nathaniel Warren & Sarah Walker. Nathaniel was the son of Richard Warren Mayflower passenger.

  1. Baby Delano (1678-1679)
  2. Jonathan Delano (1680-1752)
  3. Jabez Delano (1682-1735)
  4. Lydia Delano (1680-1763)
  5. Sarah Delano (1684-1690)
  6. Mary Delano (1686-)
  7. Bethia Delano (1690-1693)
  8. Susanna Delano (1693-1749)
  9. Baby Delano (1694-1694)
  10. Nathan Delano (1695-1770)
  11. Esther Delano (1698-1720)
  12. Jethro Delano (1701-1776)
  13. Thomas Delano (1704-1798) - md Jane Peckham


Offspring of Lt. Jonthan Delano and Mercy Warren (1658-1727)
Name Birth Death Joined with
Baby Delano (1678-1679)
Jonathan Delano (1680-1752) 30 January 1680 Dartmouth, Bristol County, Massachusetts 25 March 1752 Tolland, Tolland County, Connecticut Amy Hatch (1786-1762)
Lydia Delano (1680-1763) March 1680 Duxbury, Plymouth County, Massachusetts 23 November 1763 Duxbury, Plymouth County, Massachusetts Josiah Soule (1679-1763)
Jabez Delano (1682-1735)
Sarah Delano (1684-1690)
Mary Delano (1686-)
Bethia Delano (1690-1693)
Susanna Delano (1693-1749)
Baby Delano (1694-1694)
Nathan Delano (1695-1770)
Esther Delano (1698-1720)
Jethro Delano (1701-1776) 31 July 1701 Dartmouth, Bristol County, Massachusetts 25 September 1776 Dartmouth, Bristol County, Massachusetts Elizabeth Pope (1706-1771)
Thomas Delano (1704-1798) 10 May 1704 Dartmouth, Bristol County, Massachusetts 28 October 1798 Dartmouth, Bristol County, Massachusetts Jane Peckham (1703-1743)


Offspring of Philip Delano (1602-1683) and Hester Dewsbury (c1605-1653)
Name Birth Death Joined with
Mary Delano (1635-1656) 1635 Duxbury, Plymouth County, Massachusetts 29 November 1656 Duxbury, Plymouth County, Massachusetts Jonathan Dunham (1631-1717)
Hester Delano (1638-1733) 6 March 1638 Duxbury, Plymouth County, Massachusetts 12 September 1733 Duxbury, Plymouth County, Massachusetts Samuel Sampson (1646-1675)
John Soule (1632-1707)
Philip Delano (1638-1708) 1638 Duxbury, Plymouth County, Massachusetts 11 December 1708 Duxbury, Plymouth County, Massachusetts Elizabeth Sampson (1648-1708)
Thomas Delano (1642-1723) 21 March 1642 Duxbury, Plymouth County, Massachusetts 18 April 1723 Duxbury, Plymouth County, Massachusetts Rebecca Alden (1649-1689)
John Delano (1644-1721) 1644 Duxbury, Plymouth County, Massachusetts 25 September 1721 Duxbury, Plymouth County, Massachusetts Mary Weston (1658-1727)
Jane Delano (1646-1677) 1646 Duxbury, Plymouth County, Massachusetts 28 February 1677 Duxbury, Plymouth County, Massachusetts Edmund Weston (1605-1686)
Jonathan Delano (1647-1720) March 1647 Duxbury, Plymouth County, Massachusetts 28 December 1720 Dartmouth, Bristol County, Massachusetts Mercy Warren (1658-1727)

Offspring of Philip Delano (1602-1683) and Mary Pontus (1622-1682)
Name Birth Death Joined with
Rebecca Delano (1657-1709) 1657 Duxbury, Plymouth County, Massachusetts 7 April 1709 Plymouth, Plymouth County, Massachusetts John Churchill (1657-1723)
Samuel Delano (1659-1728) 19 May 1659 Duxbury, Plymouth County, Massachusetts 1728 Duxbury, Plymouth County, Massachusetts Elizabeth Standish (1665-1739)
Baby Delano (1661-1661) 1661 Duxbury, Plymouth County, Massachusetts 1661 Plymouth, Plymouth County, Massachusetts

Research Notes

Questioned Parentage

Due to his last name, Jonathan has been called the son of Philipe Delanoy/Philip Delano of Plymouth Colony since genealogical publications appeared in the 19th century. While the name is unusual and they may have been related, no evidence has been found to support the father/son theory. Most compelling is that Philip didn't include Jonathan in his will, even though Jonathan outlived him. It's possible that Jonathan was born in Europe and possibly came to Massachusetts Bay in a military capacity.

Famous Descendants

Their descendents became whaling shippers and include Sara (Delano) Roosevelt, mother of President Franklin Roosevelt.



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