Jonathan Farnsworth was born 1 June 1675 in Groton, Middlesex County, Massachusetts to Matthias Farnsworth (1612-1689) and Mary Farr (1636-1717) and died 16 August 1748 Harvard, Middlesex County, Massachusetts of unspecified causes. He married Ruth Shattuck (1668-1733) 1698 in Cambridge, Middlesex County, Massachusetts.

JONATHAN FARNSWORTH,the sixth son and tenth ch. . as born 1 Jun 1675 in Groton, MA, in an exceedingly troubled time. Within three weeks of his birth, King Philip's war broke out, in which the first battle was fought at Swanzey, MA, on the 20th Jun 1675. Within nine months afterwards, -- it was the 2d Mar 1676--the savages attacked Groton, burned nearly every dwelling house in the town, and all the inhabitants fled for safety to Concord. There Jonathan spent two years of his infancy--the ch. of refugees, among strangers : Where the family lived as best it could. when those terrible years were passed, the family returned to Groton and rebuilt its homestead, taking the chance of further attacks by the Indians. who some years later again fell upon the exposed settlement. Thus all his early life was passed amid perils and privations. His father d. when he was but thirteen years old and all his later training was received from his mother, who appears to have guided him with intelligence and fidelity. He m. in 1698, Ruth Shattuck, dau. John and Ruth (Whitney) Shattuck of Watertown; she was b. 24 Jun 1678. Jonathon lived in the southerly part of Groton, not far from Prescott's "old mill," perhaps on the land that was assigned to his father.

He "owned the covenant" with the church in Groton, 21 Sep 1707, and Ruth, his wife, united with it 9 Oct 1715. They, with their son Jonathan, Jr. , were dismissed from that church and "recommended to lie the foundation of the church in Harvard," 14 Sep 1733. He led the quiet life of a farmer in that town all his mature years and d. there, 16 Jun 1748. His ch. as follows, births recorded in Groton, MA: 3d Gen


Offspring of Jonathan Farnsworth and Ruth Shattuck (1668-1733)
Name Birth Death Joined with
Ruth Farnsworth (1699-1775)
Jonathan Farnsworth (1701-1775)
Ephraim Farnsworth (1702-1737)
Reuben Farnsworth (1705-1755) 28 April 1705 Groton, Middlesex County, Massachusetts, United States 16 June 1755 Harvard, Worcester County, Massachusetts, United States Mary Holden (1706-1775)
Phineas Farnsworth (1707-1752)
Pricilla Farnsworth (1709-1784)
Nathaniel Farnswoth (1711-1784)
John Farnswoth (1714-1715)
Hannah Farnswoth (1716-1775)
Simeon Farnswoth (1718-1805)
Susanna Farnsworth (1720-1803)
Elias Farnsworth (1723-1756)
John Farnsworth (1725-1757)
Silas Farnsworth (1727-)


Offspring of Matthias Farnsworth (1612-1689) and Mrs Farnsworth (1628-1654)
Name Birth Death Joined with
Elizabeth Farnsworth (1647-1729)
Matthias Farnsworth (1649-1693)
John Farnsworth (1651-1729)

Offspring of Matthias Farnsworth (1612-1689) and Mary Farr (1636-1717)
Name Birth Death Joined with
Joseph Farnsworth (1657-1674)
Mary Farnsworth (1660-1725)
Sarah Farnsworth (1663-1731)
Benjamin Farnsworth (1667-1733)
Samuel Farnsworth (1669-1727)
Abigail Farnsworth (1671-)
Jonathan Farnsworth (1675-1748) 1 June 1675 Groton, Middlesex County, Massachusetts 16 August 1748 Harvard, Middlesex County, Massachusetts Ruth Shattuck (1668-1733)


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