Kenelm Winslow, Sr. was born 29 April 1599 in Droitwich Spa, Worcestershire, England to Edward Winslow (1560-1620) and Magdelene Oliver (1566-1631) and died 12 September 1672 Salem, Essex County, Massachusetts of unspecified causes. He married Eleanor Newton (1598-1681) 1634 in Plymouth County, Massachusetts.


Kenelm Winslow, Sr., b. at Droitwich, England, 1599, followed his brothers, Edward, Gilbert and John, to New England, about 1630;

Winslow Family Migration to America

Edward and Gilbert were Mayflower passengers in 1620. John came to Plymouth in 1621 on the ship "Fortune". Kenelm came to Plymouth with his brother, Josiah, in the ship White Angell which arrived in what is now Saco, ME, July of 1631. He later moved to Marshfield in 1641. He is said to have died and is buried in Salem, MA in 1672. Gilbert returned to England in 1627 and died there before 1650.

Marshfield Settlement

From "Winslow Memorial" by David Parsons Holton and his wife, Frances Forward Holton; publisher D. P. Holton, vol. 1 1877, vol. 2 1888, New York

Kenelm Winslow, 3rd sone and 4th child of Edward Winslow and Magdalene (Ollyver) of Droitwitch, Worcestershire, England, was born at that place on Sunday, 4/29/1559, and baptized there the Thursday followiong, 5/3/1599. He died at Salem and was buried there 9/13/1672, at 73 years.

He came to Plymouth, probably in 1629 with his brother, Josiah; and was admitted freeman, 1/1/1632 or 1633. In 1640, he was chosen surveyor in Town of Plymouth, but neglecting highways is fined 10 shillings. (Plymouth Colony Record, II, p. 1). He removed to Marshfield about 1641, having previously received a grant of land at that place, then called Green's Harbor, 3/5/1637 or 1638. "All that parcel of land remaining of that neck of land lying on the east side of the lands largely granted to Josiah Winslow at Green's Harbor, are granted to Kenelm Winslow and Love Brewster, to be divided betwixt them, provided that Kenelm Winslow have that part next adjoining to his brother, Josiah, upon the conditions the lands there are granted upon" (Plymouth Colony Record I, p. 78.

Plymouth Colony Affairs

Kenelm Winslow often represented the town in the court of the colony. He died at Salem, and was buried there, 1672. His widow deceased 1681, aged 83 years.

Kenelm Winslow Homestead

1645 Kenelm Winslow Homestead in Marshfield MA.

Kenelm Winslow Homestead is settled on a gentle eminence by the sea, near the extremity of a neck of land lying between Green Harbor and South Rivers. This tract of the township was considered the Eden of the region. It was beautified with groves of majestic oaks and graceful walnuts, with the underground void of tangled shrubbery. A few of these groves were standing within the memory of man, but all have now fallen beneath the hand of the woodman.

It would stay with the family for five generations, until their descendants had to flee the country for being loyalists supporters in the Revolutionary War.

The homestead of Kenelm Winslow, sen., passed, after the decease of Nathaniel, his son, to Kenelm, his son, who m. Abigail Waterman ; then to their son Kenelm, who m. Abigail Bourn of Barnstable, whose son Kenelm was the last resident of the family name thereon. He removed to Kennebec County, Me., where he recently deceased. The families of this name, both in Lincoln and Waldo Counties, are, with perhaps others, descended from Kenelm Winslow, sen. On this estate remains, in fine preservation, one of the .... etc.

Marriage & Family

Kenelm m. Ellen, widow of John Adams, 1634, supposed to have been the Ellen Newton of the Pilgrims, (Mrs. Adams had two sons, John and James, and a dau. Susan, when she last married.)

  1. Kenelm Winslow (1636-1715) - b. 1635, removed to Harwich, Cape Cod;
  2. Ellen Winslow (1637-1676) - b. 1637, m. Samuel Baker;
  3. Nathaniel Winslow (1639-1719) - b. 1639, m. Faith Miller, and succeeded to the homestead of his father - Nathaniel Winslow and Faith Miller m. 1664; had Faith, b. 1665; Nathaniel, b. 1667, m. Lydia Snow; James, b. 1669; Gilbert, b. 1673, m. Mercy Snow; Kenelm, b. 1675; Eleanor, b. 1677, m. John Jones; Josiah, b. 1681, d. 1682.
  4. Job Winslow (1641-1720) - b. 1691, removed to Swansea or Freetown.


Offspring of Kenelm Winslow, Sr. and Eleanor Newton (1598-1681)
Name Birth Death Joined with
Kenelm Winslow (1636-1715) 1636 Marshfield, Plymouth County, Massachusetts 11 November 1715 Harwich, Barnstable County, Massachusetts Mercy Worden (1640-1688) Mercy Worden (1640-1688) Damarias Eames (1669-1729)
Ellen Winslow (1636-1676) 16 January 1637 Marshfield, Plymouth County, Massachusetts 27 August 1676 Marshfield, Plymouth County, Massachusetts Samuel Baker (1639-1714)
Nathaniel Winslow (1639-1719) 1639 Plymouth, Plymouth County, Massachusetts 1 December 1719 Kenelm Winslow Homestead, Marshfield, Plymouth County, Massachusetts Faith Miller (1644-1729)
Job Winslow (1641-1720) 16 October 1641 Plymouth, Plymouth County, Massachusetts 14 July 1720 Freetown, Bristol County, Massachusetts Ruth Cole (1651-1696)


#g1: Offspring of Edward Winslow (1560-1620) and Eleanor Pelham (1564-1594)
Name Birth Death Joined with
Richard Winslow (1585-1659)
Margaret Winslow (1589-1666)
#g2: Offspring of Edward Winslow (1560-1620) and Magdelene Oliver (1566-1631)
Name Birth Death Joined with
Edward Winslow (1595-1655) 18 October 1595 Droitwich Spa, Worcestershire, England, United Kingdom 8 May 1655 At Sea Near, Jamaica Elizabeth Barker (1597-1621)
Susanna White (1593-1680)
John Winslow (1597-1674) 26 April 1597 Worcestershire, England 1674 Boston, Suffolk County, Massachusetts Mary Chilton (c1605-1679)
Eleanor Winslow (1598-1672)
Kenelm Winslow (1599-1672) 29 April 1599 Droitwich Spa, Worcestershire, England 12 September 1672 Salem, Essex County, Massachusetts Eleanor Newton (1598-1681)
Gilbert Winslow (1600-1663) 29 October 1600 Baptism at St Peters Church, Droitwich, Shropshire, England, United Kingdom 11 October 1631 Ludlow, Shropshire, England, United Kingdom
Elizabeth Winslow (1602-1605)
Magdelene Winslow (1604-1693)
Josias Winslow (1606-1674) 11 February 1606 Droitwich, Worcestershire, England, United Kingdom 1 December 1674 Marshfield, Plymouth County, Massachusetts, United States Margaret Bourne (1615-1683)
Mary Magdelene Winslow (1610-1687)

Green Harbor Monument


This person is listed in memorium on the Green Harbor Monument, located in Marshfield, Massachusetts and dedicated in honor of the early colonists from Plymouth Colony who settled this area in the early 1600s.



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