Konchaka of the Golden Horde was born 1295 to Togru Khan (c1265-c1320) and died 1318 Tver, Tver Oblast, Russia of unspecified causes. She married Yuri Danilovich of Moscow (1281-1325) .

Konchaka (baptized Agafya; c1295-1318, Tver) is the sister of the Golden Horde Khan Uzbek Khan . Daughter of Togru Khan), the tenth son of Mengu-Timur Khan, Toqta Khan's niece.


In 1317 she married the Moscow Prince Yuri Danilovich, he received the high Mongolian title of Gurgan, that is, the son-in-law of the Chingizids. The new Princess of Moscow was baptized into the Orthodox faith and was given a new name - Agafya.

In the same year, during the invasion of her husband on the Grand Principality of Tver, during the Battle of Bortenevo, on December 22, 1317, he was captured by Mikhail Yaroslavich of Tver and taken to Tver , where she soon died. Princess Agafya did not have time to give birth to her husband's heir. Gone are rumors that she died from poisoning.

Mikhail Yaroslavich of Tverskoy and Khan Uzbek Figure by V. P

The ambassador of Tver was killed in Moscow. Both princes went to the Horde, but Mikhail came to the khan later than his rival, and by this time Yuri managed to turn Uzbek Khan against the Prince of Tver. In 1318, when Mikhail was tried in the Horde, her death was put among the indictment points against him, but Mikhail himself denied his guilt. Her body, buried first in Tver, was transported to Rostov, where, in 1319, it was buried in the Dormition Cathedral of Rostov.


Offspring of Yuri Danilovich of Moscow (1281-1325) and Konchaka of the Golden Horde
Name Birth Death Joined with
Sofya Yuryevna of Moscow (c1299-c1355) 1299 1355 Konstantin Mikhailovich of Tver (1302-1345)


Offspring of Togru Khan (c1265-c1320) and unknown parent
Name Birth Death Joined with
Uzbek Khan (c1283-1341) 1283 1341
Konchaka of the Golden Horde (c1295-1318) 1295 1318 Tver, Tver Oblast, Russia Yuri Danilovich of Moscow (1281-1325)


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