Konstantin Dobrynich was born 965 to Dobrynya (c945-c995) and died 1022 Murom, Murom Rayon, Vladimir Oblast, Russia of Assassinated.

Konstantin Dobrynich was a posadnik of Veliky Novgorod, son and successor of the famous Dobryny. He was declared a posadnik in 1017 .

In 1018, Yaroslav the Wise, having suffered a defeat in the south from Boleslaw the Brave and Svyatopolk, fled to Novgorod and prepared to flee further, "beyond the sea." But Konstantin Dobrynich and the Novgorodians, after cutting his court, told the prince that they wanted to fight for him with Boleslaw and Svyatopolk. They raised money, hired Varangians, and armed themselves. Despite this service, Yaroslav in 1019 got angry at Constantine for some reason and imprisoned him for 3 years in Rostov. Then he was transferred to Murom and there, on the Oka River, he was killed in 1022.[1][2]


By D. Prozorovsky [3] and Shakhmatov (information about their ancestors gave to the authors of the Primary Chronicle Vyshata and Yang Vyshatich)

  1. Malk Lubchanin
    1. Malusha
    2. Dobrynya
      1. Konstantin Dobrynich
        1. Ostromir Konstantinovich + Feofana
          1. Vyshata
            1. Putyata Vyshatich
            2. Jan Vyshatich + Maria
              1. Varlaam Pechersky


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Offspring of Konstantin Dobrynich and unknown parent
Name Birth Death Joined with
Ostromir Konstantinovich (c995-c1060)


Offspring of Dobrynya (c945-c995) and unknown parent
Name Birth Death Joined with
Konstantin Dobrynich (c965-1022) 965 1022 Murom, Murom Rayon, Vladimir Oblast, Russia


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