Konstantin Chartorysky (Константин Чарторыйский), Prince of Podolsk, was born circa 1332 to Algirdas (1296-1377) and Maria Yaroslavna of Vitebsk (c1300-c1348) and died circa 1388 of unspecified causes.

Prince of Podolsk 1363 - between 1388 and 1392 Together with Yuri Koriatovich (up to 1375), Alexander Koriatovich (up to 1380), Fedor Koriatovich Successor Fedor Koriatovich Birth OK. 1335 Death between 1388 and 1392 the

Children Gleb, Grigory and Vasily Constantine Czartoryski ( Pol. Konstanty Czartoryski ; mind between 1388 and 1392.) - statesman and military leader of the Grand Duchy of Lithuania , the founder of the genus Czartoryski . He was the son of Olgerd the grandson of Gedimidas . According to the modern Polish historian Jan Tengowski, the former is more likely [1] . His cousin after his father was Jagiello .


He took part in the Battle of Blue Waters (1362). He led one of the teams in the battle of Olgerd with the Golden Horde army . The victory in this battle over the troops of the khans of the Podolsk and Crimean hordes of Khadzhibey and Kutla-Bugi allowed the Koryatovs to take possession of Maloye Podolye, which passed to Konstantin Olgierdovich. Together with Bratslavshchina , which was already owned by Konstantin, it formed the Principality of Podolsk , where Konstantin became the first prince. Konstantine was also a prince of Chernigov and Prince of Seversk.

Konstantin became directly a vassal of the Grand Duke of Lithuania.

After 1362 Konstantin Olgierdovich held the capital in Smotrich. The chronicler noted that the Principality of Podolsk land (Little Podolia), badly devastated by the Baskaks and Atamans, was in a state of decline, many cities had to be rebuilt. During the reign of Prince Konstantin (1380 - until 1388/1392), an own coin was minted in the Principality of Podolsk, known from historical sources as the “ Podolsky half-groschik ”. On the early coins there was an inscription in Latin: “ Konstantin the prince, the landowner and the owner of Smotrich ”, on the later ones - “ Konstantin the prince, the landowner and the owner of Podolya ”.

According to Supral, Slutsk and other chronicles, in 1344, interested in joining Podolia, the Polish king, Casimir III, offered Konstantin Olgierdovich to marry one of his daughters, Kunegund. However, Konstantin did not want to convert from Orthodoxy to the Catholic faith, and negotiations ended without result. The chronicler specially noted the fidelity of Prince Konstantin Olgierdovich to Orthodoxy, since the other Olgierdovichs were not so firm.

The aggression of King Casimir III in August-November 1349 ended with the seizure of Principality of Halych and most of Volyn. In order not to lose his principality, Konstantin Olgierdovich swore alegiance to the king of Poland.

Coin minted by Konstantin Chartorysky

After the conclusion of the Krevo Union in 1385 Konstantin moved to Hungary , where he died.

Prince Constantine had three sons:


Offspring of Konstantin Chartorysky (Константин Чарторыйский) and unknown parent
Name Birth Death Joined with
Gleb Konstantinovich Chartorysky (c1365-1399) 1365 1399
Grigori Konstantinovich Chartorysky (c1370-c1405) 1370 1405
Vasili Konstantinovich Chartorysky (c1375-1416) 1375 1416 Anna (bef1400-)



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