Вёска Крэва
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Kreva is located in Belarus

Kreva is located in Grodno Region
Coordinates: 54°18′37″N 26°17′12″E / 54.31028, 26.28667Coordinates: 54°18′37″N 26°17′12″E / 54.31028, 26.28667
Country Belarus
Voblast Hrodna
Raion Smarhoń
First mentioned 13th century
Population (2004)
 • Total 726
Postal code 231022
Dialing code +375 1592

Kreva (Belarusian: Крэва, pronounced [ˈkrɛva]; Lithuanian: Krėva; Krevas, Polish: Krewo) is a township in Grodno Oblast (Hrodna Voblast]], Belarus. It is located 22 km South of Smarhoń and 100 km North-West of Minsk.


The Kreva Castle, constructed of brick, was built by the Grand Duke Gediminas of Lithuania at the borderland of Lithuanian ethnic lands. After his death in 1341, Kreva became the patrimony of his son and successor, Algirdas. In 1382, Grand Duke of Lithuania Kęstutis was imprisoned here during the Lithuanian Civil War (1381–1384) and subsequently murdered on the order by his nephew Jogaila.

In 1385, the Act of Kreva was signed here. The ruins of the castle were severely damaged during the World War I, as they were near the front lines. They remain extant, to the present day.

Roman Catholic chuch of St. Mary in Kreva

In 1387 following the Christianization of Lithuania, Grand Duke of Lithuania Jogaila established a first Roman Catholic parish here in Lithuanian pagan lands and built a church which is now known as the Church of St. Mary.

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The ruins of Kreva Castle

Coordinates: 54°19′00″N 26°16′00″E / 54.316667, 26.283333