Krister Uski, master of Suur-Uski was born on an unknown date to Olavi and died 23 March 1764 Turkia, Vehkalahti, Finland of unspecified causes.


Genealogical reconstruction has the hypothesis that Krister Ollinpoika was descended from a junior branch of the old Uski lineage (although this is not certain, because registers of population in 1600s are yet sketchy). Surely he was not born as immediate member of the chief Uski branch which produced most of the masters of the suur-Uski estate, which had been reported to be practically a separate village, with its seat on the bank of the Uski lake.

If Krister was heir of a junior branch, in that case he probably held a moiety of the clan estates, already before his accession to mastership. However, records are sketchy.

In early 1720s, Krister married Mari Samuntytär of the old Turkia lineage from the rustholli estate of Mäenpää.

In 1728, Krister Ollinpoika became -after his brother-in-law and namesake, Krister Jaakonpoika- the master of the suur-Uski estate as well as 'chief of the clan', and continued as its master until 1742. Krister Jaakonpoika was not dead and was only in his forties, and we do not know why the mastership passed to Krister Ollinpoika. Since, in maximum, Krister Ollinpoika was heir of a cadet branch, and there's no known explanation why he ascended despite of the existence of his brother-in-law, and also of adult sons of the preceding master; there's a hypothesis that several branches held their moieties as practically separate estates, and for official purposes, it was Krister Ollinpoika's 'turn' to be recorded as master. In 1743, when Krister was in his fifties, an adult son of a previous master was recorded in his stead as master of the suur-Uskila estate, and 'chief of the clan'.

Two of his daughters were married to sons of lower Jääskilä estate in Turkia, and in about 1757, Krister Ollinpoika (then in his sixties at least) and his wife Mari Samuntytär moved to settle to live with them in Turkia, leaving the Uskila estate.


Offspring of Krister Uski, master of Suur-Uski and unknown parent
Name Birth Death Joined with
Valpuri Kristontytär Uski (c1724-aft1770) 1724 1770
Marja Kristontytär Uski (c1725-1798) 1725 1798 Erkki Tuomonpoika Jääski (c1726-1793)
Kirsti Kristontytär Uski (c1726-1800) 1726 1800
Risto Ristonpoika Uski (c1727-?) 1727

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