Kristina Maria Johanson was born 10 January 1828 Dalathorp (farmstead) in Stenberga Parish, Sweden to Johannes Magnuson (c1800-1870) and Anna Kathrina MAIDEN (c1810-1868) and died 31 May 1875 the United States of unspecified causes. She married Johan Larson (1818-1895) 1848 in Sweden.


Offspring of Johan Larson (1818-1895) and Kristina Johanson
Name Birth Death Joined with
Johan Magnus Larson (1849-1916) 25 January 1849 Dalatorp farmstead, Stenberga Parish, Småland, Sweden 27 June 1916 Murdock, Minnesota, United States
Karl Peter Larson (1850-1930) 9999 Dalatorp farmstead, Stenberga Parish, Smaland, Sweden 5 January 1930
Anders Vilhelm Larson (1853-1906) 26 May 1853 Dalatorp farmstead, Stenberga Parish, Smaland, Sweden 17 July 1906
Jonas August Larson (1856-1934) 12 January 1856 Smaaland, Sweden 17 February 1934 Borgholm Township, Minnesota, United States Augusta Amelia Carlson (1874-1947)
Anna Sophia Larson (1858-1938)
Klas Alfred Larson (1861-1928)
Emil Adrian Larson (1863-1939)
Frans Edward Larson (1866-1937)
Kristina Lovisa Larson (1870-1939)
Ulrika Vilhelmina Larson (1873-1957)


May 20th, 1871 brought the culmination of over eight years fo planning as the family of Johan and Kristina Maria began their journey to America. Three of their sons had gone before them. Johan, the eldest had left in 1868. He had send for Karl and August in 1869 and now the three young men sent word to their parents that the rest of the family should follow at their earliest convenience. The family left behind friends, family adn the church they loved to travel to America, bringing along only Kristina's sister, Eva Gustava, who would act as nurse and help take care of the children who ranged from ages 1 through 18.

They drove from Nashult Parish to Vetlanda, then a train took them to Goteborg where they took a ship to Montreal, Canada. They took a ferry across Lake Michigan and arrived at Galva, Illinois on July 1st, 1871. The cost of the family journey was $276 for tickets with an additional $38.50 for entry fees.

The reunited family lived and worked on the Appell farm from July through October of 1871, before sending John and Charles to Benson, Minnesota, which was as far west as the Great Northern Railroad went at the time.

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