Kseniya Yuryevna of Tarusa was born 1246 to Yuri Mikhailovich of Tarusa (c1225-1270) and died 1312 of unspecified causes. She married Yaroslav Yaroslavich of Tver (1230-1272) 1265 JL .

Kseniya of Tarusa (Russian: Ксения Тарусская) (c1246-1312), also known as Kseniya Yurievna (Russian: Ксения Юрьевна), was a Princess consort of Tver and Grand Princess consort of Vladimir from 1267 to 1271. She is counted among the saints of the Russian Orthodox Church.

Kseniya of Tarusa was a daughter of Yuri Mikhailovich of Tarusa, Prince of Tarusa. She married Yaroslav Yaroslavich, Prince of Tver and Grand Prince of Vladimir, the younger brother of Aleksandr Nevsky in 1265. During her marriage and the reign of her husband she was unusually influential in the affairs of the state and remained so even after Yaroslav's death in 1271. Soon after she retired to the women's monastery in Novgorod, yet continued to play an influential role in the affairs of the principality. She died in 1312 in seclusion.



Offspring of Kseniya Yuryevna of Tarusa and Yaroslav Yaroslavich of Tver (1230-1272)
Name Birth Death Joined with
Mikhail Yaroslavich of Tver (1271-1318) 1271 22 November 1318 Anna Dmitriyevna of Kashin (c1280-1368)



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