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New South Wales, Australia

Kyogle is located in New South Wales
Population: 2,731 (2006 Census)[1]
Established: 1830s
Postcode: 2474
Coordinates: 28°37′S 153°00′E / -28.617, 153Coordinates: 28°37′S 153°00′E / -28.617, 153
LGA: Kyogle Council
State District: Lismore
Federal Division: Page

Kyogle (play /kˈɡəl/)[2] is a town in the Northern Rivers region of northern New South Wales, Australia, in Kyogle Council. At the 2006 census, Kyogle had a population of 2,731 people.[1] It was founded in the 1830s as a lumber camp, and is located 758 kilometres (471 mi) north of Sydney, 32 kilometres (20 mi) north of Casino on the Summerland Way close to the Queensland border. It also lies on the banks of the Richmond River. It is the seat of its own shire. Kyogle is an Aboriginal Australian word meaning "plains turkey's (bustard) egg",[3] a reference to the Scrub Turkey which is indigenous to the region.

Cattle grazing, dairy farming and Forestry are the primary industries. In times past, timber getting was the main reason for settlement in the area, with red cedar and hoop pine the main timber trees. Kyogle is known as a "gateway" to many National Parks including Border Ranges National Park and Toonumbar National Park.


In early January 2008 Kyogle was subject to major flooding when the Richmond River burst its banks after heavy rainfall around Kyogle and upstream. It was said that Kyogle was the worst affected town on the river with heights of 18.1 metres (59 ft). This is the second worst flood in Kyogle on record, after the flood of 1954.


Kyogle is served by the main North Coast railway line between Sydney and Brisbane. A train from Sydney to Brisbane stops at 4:22am and a train from Brisbane to Sydney stops at 9:28am. A short crossing loop used to be located at the passenger station, but when the loop was extended for 1,500-metre (4,900 ft)-long trains, the crossing loop was relocated to a more suitable — straighter — site outside town.

Further north along the railway line towards Brisbane, located at Cougal, is the Border Loop spiral, where the track loops 360 degrees and eventually passes over itself. This loop was constructed for trains to climb from the low side (NSW) to the high side (QLD) of the McPherson Range.

World Rally Championship[]

The 2009 World Rally Championship, also known as the 2009 Rally Australia, passed through the Kyogle area in 2009.[4]


  • Kyogle Baseball Club
  • Kyogle Bowling Club
  • Kyogle Golf Club

Kyogle Golf Club House

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