Laval Nugent was born 3 November 1777 in Ballynacor, County Westmeath, Ireland to John Nugent and Jane MacDonough and died 22 August 1862 Bosiljevo Castle, Karlovac, Croatia of old age. He married Giovanna Riario Sforza (1797-1855) 26 November 1815 in Naples, Italy.


He was born as the younger of two sons in the family of John Nugent (-1781) and Jane MacDonough (-1820). His father was himself the last, fifth son in a family of Michael Nugent and Nugent Margery, and died already in 1781 [1], when Laval was only 4 years old. That's all the news we have about him. His mother was the last descendant of the branch of Dukes of Tirreril.[2] She died at Bath in 1820.[1][2] As twelve years old boy he went to Austria[3] as a ward of his uncle Oliver Nugent, Colonel in the Austrian service[4][5], married without issue for Josepha Rath. But Oliver dies very soon in 1791.


Nothing of his childhood is known, not even about the schools he attended before Jan 25, 1791, when he received a scholarship of O'Garas Foundation[6] and entered in the Engineering Academy in THERESIANUM auf der Wieden[7]. He finished school in 1794 and became a lieutenant in the Engineering Corps.[7]

Military career

  • 1793, Nov 1st cadet in the Engineering Corps[8]
  • 1794, Mar 1st lieutenant in the Engineering Corps
  • 1796, Apr 15th Captain in the Engineering Corps[9]
  • 1796 transferred to the Quartermaster-General's stuff. (GQM. FML Peter v. Duka)[10][11]
  • 1800, Apr 1st Major[12][8]
  • 1807, Jun 17 colonel in 61st infantry regiment
  • 1809, Feb 16 chief in headquarters of archduke Johann
  • 1809, May 24 general-major
  • 1815, Apr 30 Feldmarshall-lieutenant and owner of 30th infantry regiment (Regiment Graff Nugent)
  • 1815, Sep. - 1816, Aug. Commandant in Chief of Austrian-Corp in Neapel
  • 1817 - 1820, Apr 1st Captain General of Naples-Sicily[13][5][14]
  • 1834-1835. Military governor of Austrian littoral
  • 1838, Sep 18th Rank of Feldzeugmeister and General in Chief of Slessia and Moravia
  • 1840. Commander in Chief of Banat-Varasdin-Carlstadt Military Frontier
  • 1842. Commander in Chief of Tirol, Inner Austria and Illyria (which was a small territory around Triest and Udine)
  • 1849, Aug Commander in Chief of Austrian army in Hungary (52.000 man)
  • 1849, Oct 16th Fieldmarshall[15]

Family life

He dies in Bosiljevo Castle on 1862, Aug 22.[16]


  • 1801, Aug 18th Knight's Cross (KC), Wien, 66. Promotion of the Order of Maria Theresa, n. 201
  • 1814. KCB. (GB Order of Bath, honorary Knight Commander)
  • 1815, May 17 Great Commander Cross of Maria Theresia Order (for the battle of San Germano)
  • 1815, May 17 OLO -C, Great Commander Cross Commander of Leopold Order (for same)
  • 1815. Hannoveran Guelphen Orden (GK)
  • 1816. SMLO-GK (Sardinischer Maurizio e Lazzaro O. Gran croce)
  • 1820. SVO-GK, (Sicilianischer St. Ferdinand u. Verdienst O.)
  • (BEF 1820) OEKO-R. 1 (O. eisernen Krone 1 kl.)
  • (BEF 1820) SSGO-GK (Sicilianischer militaerischer St.-Georg-O. der Wiedervereinigung)
  • (BEF 1820) GTJO-GK (Toscanischer St.-Josephs O.)
  • 1835. WAO-R (Russischer Weisser Adler-O.)[13]
  • 1835. Russia, Order of St. Alexander Nevskij[13]
  • 1835. Russia, Order of St. Anne 1st cl.
  • 1849. OLO-GK, (Leopold O. - Gross Kreutz with decoration of war)[5][17]
  • 1849. GHR (k.k. wirklicher geheimer Rath)[18]
  • 1850. Russia, Order of St. Andrew
  • 1855. Modena, Order of the Eagle of Este – GC
  • 1855. Professed Knight of the Order of Malta[19]
  • 1858. GVO (Goldene Vliess - O.)[20]
  • 1860. Titular Grand Prior of the Order of Malta of Ireland (Prior of Kilmainham)[21][13]


Offspring of Laval Nugent and Giovanna Riario Sforza (1797-1855)
Name Birth Death Joined with
Albert von Nugent (1816-1896) 25 September 1816 Naples, Metropolitan City of Naples, Italy 31 July 1896 9, York-buildings Adelphi, London, London, England Teresa Bachmann (1833-1916)
Beatrice von Nugent (1818-1880) 12 January 1818 Naples, Metropolitan City of Naples, Italy 26 April 1880 Vienna, Austria Massimiliano Strozzi-Sagrati (1797-1860)
Leopold von Croy (1827-1894)
Giovanna von Nugent (1821-1874) 1821 Vincenza, Veneto, Italy 15 January 1874 Florence, Tuscany, Italy Antonio Pallavicini-Fibbia
Gilbert von Nugent (1822-1864) 1 June 1822 Vincenza, Veneto, Italy 2 November 1864 Naples, Campania, Italy
Leontine von Nugent (1824-1850) 30 November 1824 Vincenza, Veneto, Italy 15 August 1850 Oscar Grimaud d'Orsay (1824-1909)
Arthur von Nugent (1825-1897) 17 March 1825 6 August 1897 Croatia Marija Dittković von Zitomir (-1894)



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Footnotes (including sources)

‡ General
₪ Wedding
  • Gentlemans magazine 1816, p.82