Lev II Yuriyevych Rurik of Galicia, King of Rus', was born circa 1291 to Yuri I Lvovich of Halych (c1255-1308) and Euphemia of Kuyavia (c1266-1308) and died 1323 of unspecified causes. He married Olga Romanovna of Bryansk (c1294-c1350) . Charlemagne (747-814), Alfred the Great (849-899)/s, Charlemagne (747-814)/s, Hugh Capet (c940-996)/s, Rollo of Normandy (860-932)/s.

Lev Yuryevich of Halych Lev II (d. Ca. 1323) - Prince of Lutsk, Prince of Halych (since 1308). Son of Yuri Lvovich . The prince, as he signed on the letters, "the whole Russian land, Galician and Volyn" [1]..

After the death of his father, he reigned with his brother Andrei Yuryevich. Andrei ruled in Vladimir-Volyn, and Lev himself in Halych.

== Struggle with Lithuania and Horde The first mention of the foreign policy of Lev and his brother Andrei refer to the year 1316 [2]. This year they concluded a military alliance with the Teutonic Order, which was promised protection from the Golden Horde and any other enemy. Soon worsened relations with the Grand Duchy of Lithuania , and all the second decade of the XIV century took place in a tense Borje brothers Gediminas . Lithuanians occupied Drogichin and Brest .

Relations between the Principality of Halych and the Golden Horde were spoiled. To fight the Horde, led by Uzbek Khan , the princes of Halych used the alliance already concluded with the Order, and also entered into an agreement with the Polish king Vladislav I Loketek.


The brothers Lev and Andrei died on the same day, but there are two versions of their death [2]:

-in the battle against the Mongol-Tatars -in the defense of Podlasie from the Lithuanians. According to the “Chronicle of Lithuania and Zhamoitskaya”, Lev Yuryevich (referred to in the chronicle as Lev Prince of Lutsk [3] or as Lev Danilovich [4]) participated in the Battle on the Irpin River (1321) with the Lithuanian troops, where he was killed.

Lev was succeeded by his son, Vladimir Lvovich , according to the Polish chronicles, who was the last king of Rus'. [5]


Offspring of Lev II of Galicia and Olga Romanovna of Bryansk (c1294-c1350)
Name Birth Death Joined with
Vladimir Lvovich of Halych (c1315-1340)


Offspring of Yuri I Lvovich of Halych (c1255-1308) and Kseniya Yaroslavna of Tver (c1268-1286)
Name Birth Death Joined with
Mikhail Yuryevich of Halych (1283-1286)

Offspring of Yuri I Lvovich of Halych (c1255-1308) and Euphemia of Kuyavia (c1266-1308)
Name Birth Death Joined with
Andrei Yuryevich of Halych (c1290-1323) 1290 1323
Lev Yuryevich of Halych (c1291-1323) 1291 1323 Olga Romanovna of Bryansk (c1294-c1350)
Maria Yuryevna of Halych (c1292-1341) 1292 11 January 1341 Trojden I of Masovia (c1285-1341)
Anastasia Yuryevna of Halych (c1293-c1364) 1293 1364 Aleksandr Mikhailovich of Tver (1301-1339)


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