Lewis Allen was born 2 May 1783 in Mount Pleasant, New London County, Connecticut to Thomas Allen (1755-1842) and Amelia Taber (1758-1838) and died 3 May 1844 New London County, Connecticut of unspecified causes. He married Mary Denison Smith (1789-1854) 18 September 1805 in Connecticut.


Lewis Allen was born May 2, 1783 on his father's farm called 'The Mount Pleasant Estate' near New London, Conn. He was the third child of Thomas and Amelia (Taber) Allen Jr.

Lewis Allen was a great sufferer for many years with cancer of the face. He died at his own home in Main Street [New London], May 3, 1844, aged 61 years. His wife died there Oct. 21, 1854, aged 65 years. They were both buried in his lot in Cedar Grove Cemetery, New London, Conn."

Marriage & Family

Lewis Allen was married Sept. 18, 1805 to Mary Denison Smith (1789-1854).

Mary Denison Smith was born July 20, 1789 in Pequonnoc (Groton) Conn. She was the eldest daughter of Denison and Waty Smith. Her father, Denison Smith was a merchant. He was the seventh child of Col. Oliver and Mary (Denison) Smith. Col. Oliver Smith married his own cousin, Mary Denison, who was the only child of Jabez and Waty (Burrows) Smith. Oliver and Jabez being brothers. Col. Oliver Smith was an officer in the Continental Army during the Revolutionary War. He was born Apr. 27, 1738 and died Aug. 11, 1811. His wife Mary (Denison) Smith died Sept. 17, 1800. Denison Smith died Dec. 27, 1860 at the age of 91 years. His lovely wife Waty, died Aug. 18, 1853, aged 83 years. Both were buried in Smith Lake Cemetery, Pequonnoc (Groton) Conn.


Offspring of Lewis Allen and Mary Denison Smith (1789-1854)
Name Birth Death Joined with
Lewis Allen (1806-1892)
Mary Allen (1808-1848)
Frances Elizabeth Allen (1811-1887)
William Mercer Allen (1812-)
Harriett Allen (1813-1849)
Laraine Allen (1817-)
Frederic Allen (1820-1872)
Thomas Humphrey Cushing Allen (1822-1900) 21 September 1822 New London, New London County, Connecticut 15 July 1900 Lakewood, Chautauqua County, New York Jane Deverdier Woodruff (1832-1878)
Laura Alice Rowe (1853-)
Jane Allen (1824-1890)
Eleanor Caroline Allen (1828-)
Ann Maria Allen (1831-1832)


Offspring of Thomas Allen (1755-1842) and Amelia Taber (1758-1838)
Name Birth Death Joined with
Elizabeth Allen (1779-1863)
Thomas Taber Allen (1781-1817)
Lewis Allen (1783-1844) 2 May 1783 Mount Pleasant, New London County, Connecticut 3 May 1844 New London County, Connecticut Mary Denison Smith (1789-1854)
William Allen (1785-1833)
Frances Allen (1787-1877)
Samuel Allen (1789-)
Nathaniel Allen (1791-1822)
George Allen (1793-)
Amelia Allen (1795-)
John Allen (1797-1824)
Henry Nelson Allen (1799-1845)
Pardon Taber Allen (1801-)


All the descendants of Lewis Allen (1783-1844) of Fisher's Island, are also descendants, through him, of the following Mayflower passengers: John Alden, William Brewster (1567-1644), Francis Cooke, and John Howland (1592-1672). They are also descendants of three Colonial Governors: Gurdon Saltonstall of Connecticut, and Governor Coddington and Peleg Sanford (1639-1701), of Rhode Island."



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