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Origin: China
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Li is the pinyin romanization of several Chinese surnames, including (), the second-most-common Chinese surname. In America, "Li" was the 2084th most common surname during the 1990 census and the 519th most common surname during the 2000 census; however, the English transliteration "Lee" was the most common name among Asian and Pacific Islanders and is the most common romanization in the former British colonies of Singapore and Hong Kong as well.

Li is also romanized as Lei in Macao's former Portuguese-based romanizations; Lai in Cantonese (for the surname );Dy or Sy in Philippines; , , and in Vietnamese; Lie in Indonesian; and Yi, Ri, and Rhee in South Korean (North Korea uses "Lee").

Taken collectively, it is possible Li is the most common surname in the world, although Wang and Wong (王, 汪, and – in Chinese dialects – 黄) may surpass it.

Surnames transliterated as Li:

  • (pinyin: Lí)
  • , and (pinyin: Lǐ)
  • , , , , , , and (pinyin: Lì)

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