Signature of Edmund Rice on a 1659 land survey record of his estate purchase of the "Dunster Farm" property near Old Connecticut Path in old Sudbury. Original in Harvard University Archives, Cambridge.

This is a category of descendants of Edmund Rice (1638) who immigrated to Massachusetts Bay Colony in 1638 and became a founder of both Sudbury, Massachusetts and Marlborough, Massachusetts.[1][2][3]

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  • Erastus Otis Haven (1820-1881), Methodist bishop, Massachusetts state senator, and president of three major universities



  • John James Hollister, Jr. (1901–1961) California state senator and grandson of William Welles Hollister
  • William Welles Hollister (1818–1886) a California rancher and entrepreneur, namesake of Hollister, California



  • Levi Hubbard (1762–1836), Massachusetts state legislator, U.S. Congressman from Massachusetts (Maine District)


  • Charles Phillip Ingalls (1836–1902), American pioneer whose life was depicted in the Little House books
  • James Harvey Irvine (1867–1947), prominent landowner in Orange County, California; Irvine Ranch


  • Charles Reuben Keyes (1871–1951), educator, archaeologist and German scholar
  • Margaret Naumann Keyes (1918 - ), educator and heritage conservation scholar
  • David Sjodahl King (1917–2009), U.S. Congressman from Utah, ambassador
  • William Henry King (1863–1949), U.S. Congressman and Senator from Utah


  • Rose Wilder Lane (1886–1968), writer, political theorist & co-founder of the modern American libertarian movement
  • Mary Ashton (Rice) Livermore (1820–1905), American abolitionist, social activist, and author.


  • Catherine Ann Keyes Miller (1905–1978), music historian, archivist, and educator



  • Reid, Alimra Jane (1840-1912) - ( SPrentiss, PWarren, MWarrenII, PRice, SRice, ERice, JRice, DERice) - Mormon Wagon Train Pioneer in 1861 traveled from Iowas to Utah.
  • Abbott Barnes Rice (1862–1926), businessman and Massachusetts state legislator
  • Alexander Hamilton Rice (1818–1895), industrialist, Boston mayor, Massachusetts governor, and U.S. Congressman
  • Alexander Hamilton Rice, Jr. (1875–1956), physician, geographer and explorer
  • Alexandrea Kawisenhawe Rice (1972 - ), contemporary Canadian actress from the Kahnawake Mohawk nation
  • Americus Vespucius Rice (1835–1904), banker, brigadier general, U.S. Congressman from Ohio
  • Caleb Rice (1792–1873), attorney; first president of Massachusetts Mutual Life Insurance Company and mayor of Springfield, Massachusetts
  • Charles Rice (1787–1863), brigadier general of the Massachusetts Militia and state representative
  • Charles Allen Thorndike Rice (1851–1889), publisher, editor and journalist
  • Edmund Rice (1819–1889), U.S. Congressman from Minnesota
  • Edmund Rice (1842–1906), brigadier general and Medal of Honor awardee
  • Rice, Edward (1622-1712) - (son) co-founder of Marlborough MA / lost property in indian raids of King Philip's War 1676.
  • Edward Everett Rice (1847–1924), composer and musical theater producer
  • Edward Loranus Rice (1871–1960), biologist and university administrator
  • Franklin Pierce Rice (1852–1919), publisher, historian and antiquarian
  • George Walter Rice (1855–1884), pioneering Canadian photographer and arctic explorer
  • George Washington Rice (1823–1856), businessman and founder of Massachusetts Mutual Life Insurance Company
  • Harvey Rice (1800–1891), lawyer, publisher, author and Ohio state legislator
  • Rice, Henry (1621-1711) - (son) co-founder of Marlborough MA / lost property in indian raids of King Philip's War 1676.
  • Rice, Henry, Maj. (1786-1867) - Veteran of War of 1812 and Boston City Councilman, Massachusetts State Legislator
  • Henry Mower Rice (1816–1894), U.S. Senator from Minnesota, prominent in its statehood
  • Rice, Jabez (1728-1809) - Massachusetts Minuteman and soldier in the American Revolutionary War
  • Jacob Rice (1787-1879), New Hampshire state legislator
  • James Clay Rice (1828–1864), educator, lawyer and brigadier general
  • James Stephen Rice (1846–1939), businessman, rancher & early resident of Tustin, California
  • Joel Taylor Rice (aka Joel Ryce-Menuhin), (1933–1998) pianist and Jungian psychologist
  • John Asaph Rice (1829-1888), prominent Chicago hotelier & book collector, father of Wallace Rice
  • Jonas Rice (1672–1753), grandson of Edmund; first permanent English American settler and founder of Worcester, Massachusetts
  • Lawrence Bridges Rice (1898–1992), architect and tennis champion
  • Leon Scott Rice (1958- ) major general, U.S. Air Force; commander of Massachusetts Air National Guard and Massachusetts National Guard
  • Luther Rice (1783–1836), Baptist minister, missionary to India, and educator; founder of George Washington University
  • Michael Alan Rice (1955- ) biologist, Rhode Island state legislator
  • Percy Fitch Rice (1882–1954), inventor and businessman
  • Richard Henry Rice (1863–1922), mechanical engineer and inventor
  • Thomas Rice (1654-1747), grandson of Edmund; Massachusetts colonial legislator and a founder of Westborough, Massachusetts
  • Rice, Thomas (1654-1747) - (grandson) - married his cousin Anna Rice (1661-1731)
  • Thomas Rice (1768–1854), Massachusetts state legislator, U.S. Congressman from Massachusetts (Maine district)
  • Wallace deGroot Cecil Rice (1859–1939), author, poet and designer of the Chicago flag
  • Willard Wadsworth Rice (1895–1967), silver medalist U.S. hockey player in the 1924 Winter Olympics
  • William Abbott Rice (1912–1991), geologist and university professor
  • William Ball Rice (1840–1909), industrialist and president of Rice & Hutchins, Inc.
  • William North Rice (1845–1928), geologist, Methodist minister and university administrator
  • William Whitney Rice (1826–1896), U.S. Congressman from Massachusetts
  • George Edmund Royce (1829–1903), businessman and state senator from Vermont




  • William Upham (1791–1853), Vermont state legislator and U.S. Senator from Vermont


  • Daniel Warren (1786-1862) - ( MWarrenII, PRice, SRice, ERice, JRice, DERice) led a large part of the Warren family to settle a new town of Warrensville in Cuyahoga County, Ohio in the early 19th century. He is credited as the town founder. Warrensville was eventually incorporated in the city of Cleveland proper. Journals of early Mormon missionaries from nearby Kirtland OH, record a lot of activity in this town on their first visit in November 1830. Some of these Warren descendants joined the Mormons.
  • Moses Warren II (1760-1851) - ( PRice, SRice, ERice, JRice, DERice) - Revolutionary War Veteran, included in the group betrayed by Benedict Arnold at West Point.
  • Gideon Welles (1802–1878), Secretary of the Navy during the Lincoln and Andrew Johnson administrations.
  • Almanzo James Wilder (1857–1949), husband of writer Laura Ingalls Wilder and father of writer Rose Wilder Lane
  • Laura Ingalls Wilder (1867–1957), author of Little House on the Prairie

Special Groups[]

Revolutionary War Minutemen[]

  1. Marlborough Minutemen of 1775 - Edmund Rice was one of the first settlers of Marlborough MA in 1668. 107 years later many of his direct descendants made up a large share of the four companies of minutemen that responded to the Lexington alarm of 19 April 1775. Afterwards, many of these played an important role in the American revolutionary war.

Revolutionary War Service[]

Civil War Service[]

= Lost Descendants[]


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