Louisa is the daughter of William Christie (1841-1909) and Janet Balgowan (1840-1913).


Full Name[]

Louisa Christie

Name Variations[]

Louisa Marks


Louisa was living in the Wheoo locality when she met Arthur Marks. They were married in 1906.

Louisa lived at Morongla Creek, New South Wales, Australia, where she and Arthur operated a general store.

Louisa moved from Morongla Creek to Orange in about 1916. There are two stories of why they left the shop and moved to Orange. One is that it was too dusty. The other is that the business was running at a loss because the debtors were not paying their debts.

Louisa to "Bony Brae" in Summer Street, Orange, Wellington County, New South Wales in 1916. They had a wood yard at the back of the house and they sold wood.

later in life

The women (Louisa, Ivy, and Daisy) moved in a taxi "limousine" to the Orchard "Remuera" at Anson Road, Orange between 1921 and 1955 in Orange, Wellington County, New South Wales, Australia. Telephone number - Orange 710. The driver's name was Bowler Forester, call Bowler because he wore a bowler hat.

After "Remuera" was sold it was subdivided for housing. They had a packing shed on the property and used to ship the fruit by rail to Sydney for sale.


Louisa is buried in the Methodist Section of Orange Cemetery, Bathurst County, New South Wales, Australia


Arthur Ambrose Marks (1881-1963) on 21 Feb 1906 in Wheeo locality, King County, New South Wales, Australia



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