Manolache Bogdan held the functions of third Logofăt (1758), great Agă (1763), great Paharnic (1765), great Ban (1769), great Spătar (1764) and great Vornic (1778).

Manolache Lupu was the head of a conspiracy of Moldavian boyars against voivode Constantin Moruzi. They sent several efta (reports) to the Suleiman Pasha, the Turkish commander of Bender, accusing Moruzi of treason and requesting him to approve naming Manolache Lupu as voivode. Constantin Moruzi got aware of the plot and sentenced Manolache Lupu as well as co-conspirator great spătar Ioniță Cuza to death.

He was decapitated on 17 August 1778 on orders of voivode Constantin Moruzi (c1720-1783) and was interred at the Saint Nicholas church of Iași


Offspring of Manolache Bogdan and Maria Costachi (c1745-c1823)
Name Birth Death Joined with
Dimitrie Bogdan (c1765-1820) 1765 1820 Smaranda Rosetti (c1770-1847)
Gheorghe Bogdan (1767-1830) 1767 25 January 1830 Rome, Italy Anastasia Palladi (c1772-1794)
Anica Bogdan (c1770-1852) 1770 6 February 1852 Enache Rosetti (1762-1794) Enache Rosetti (1762-1794) Iordache Rosetti-Roznovanu (1764-1836)



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