Manx Americans
Isle of Man United States
Total population

English, Manx



Related ethnic groups

Breton Americans, Cornish Americans, English Americans, Irish Americans, Scottish Americans, Scotch-Irish Americans, Welsh Americans

Manx Americans are American citizens of full or partial Manx ancestry or Manx people who reside in the United States of America.

Notable people[]

  • John Thomas Caine (1829-1911), politician in the state of Utah
  • Cannon family, prominent political family in Utah (see page for individual members)
  • William Christian (1743-1786), Virginia soldier and frontiersman
  • Leslie Cockburn (born 1952), writer and filmmaker
  • John Cubbins (1827-1894), businessman and politician in Tennessee
  • William Garrett (1842-1916), fought in the American Civil War
  • William Kennish (1799-1862), scientist and explorer
  • Elizabeth Holloway Marston (1893-1993), psychologist
  • Jeremiah McGuire (1823-1889), politician and lawyer in New York
  • Ben Quayle (born 1976), former U.S. Congressman and son of Dan Quayle
  • Dan Quayle (born 1947), Vice President of the United States from 1989 until 1993
  • James C. Quayle (1921-2000), businessman and father of Dan Quayle
  • William Edward Quine (1847-1922)
  • Christopher Stott (born 1969), space entrepreneur
  • Kevin Teare (born 1951), artist
  • Letitia Christian Tyler (1790-1842), first wife of U.S. President John Tyler
  • Bill Watterson (born 1958), cartoonist and creator of Calvin and Hobbes
  • John Ambrose Watterson (1844-1899), Catholic bishop
  • Olivia Wilde (born 1984), actress and daughter of Leslie Cockburn


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