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March 15 in recent years
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March 15 is the 74th day of the year (75th in leap years) in the Gregorian calendar. There are 291 days remaining until the end of the year.

In the Roman calendar March 15 was known as the Ides of March.




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169 Familypedia people were born on March 15

 FatherMotherAge mother at birth
Naomi Achs (1946)Samuel Achs (1919-2014)Ruth Silbowitz (c1920-1968)
Ebenezer Adams (1737-1792)Ebenezer Adams (1704-1769)Anne Boylston (1706-1770)
Adrianus Adrianusz (1660-)Adrianus Jobsz (c1630-)Taadje Dirks (c1630-)
Margareta Anderson (1550-1583)Evan Anderson (1525-1580)Bertha Angullia (1530-1595)
Klaas Appelman (1736-1792)Gerrit Appelman (1705-1781)Willempje aan de Noorderdijk (c1714-1753)
Ann Armitage (1831-1897)
Minna Augenstein (1863-1930)
Sabrina Frances Baldwin (1836-1896)Timothy Baldwin (1791-1869)Sylvia Averill (1804-1867)
Eliza Barnett (1861-1942)James Barnett (1812-1894)Mary Ann Lacey (1822-1913)
Shirley Basham (1780-1849)
Romas Batūra (1937-)
Frank Baumann (1856-1930)
Antanas Bedaukis (1888-1976)
Minnie Behle (1866-1929)Henry Behle (1842-1898)Dora Eisenberg (1843-1881)
Zsuzsanna Beleznay (1795-1845)Sámuel Beleznay (1763-1818)Zsuzsanna Barsy (c1775-1849)
... further results

153 Familypedia people died on March 15

 FatherMotherAge at death
Alfred Alonzo Aaron (1883-1969)Thomas Aaron (1850-1932)Sarah Dobbs (1858-1948)
Lydia Adams (1775-1872)Ebenezer Adams (1744-1820)Lydia Cooke (1744-1829)
Charles Ahrens (1849-1935)Heinrich Ahrens (c1815-1891)Sophia Fischer (c1826-1886)
Margaret Aird (1806-1883)
Walter Lyons Alston (1912-1971)Walter McHendry Alston (1878-1938)Grizel Lyons (1884-1929)
Philip Amidon (1669-1747)Roger Ammidowne (1613-1673)Joanna Harwood (1642-1711)
Mary Jane Andrus (1832-1914)Milo Andrus (1814-1893)Abigail Jane Daley (1815-1894)
Grigore Angelescu (1891-1916)Constantin Angelescu (c1855-1891)Aristița Bagdat (1856-1895)
Olfert Bakker (1774-1848)Jan Bakker (c1750-)Geertje Jans (c1750-)
William Ball (1796-1885)Jonathan Ball (1751-1819)Mary Pratt (1752-1825)
Julia Fuller Barnard (1897-1974)Charles Fuller Barnard (1859-1905)Anna May Aldridge (1870-1962)
Annis Bayford (1603-1683)
Desideria Countess Bigot de Saint-Quentin (1900-1999)Anatol Count Bigot de Saint-Quentin (1849-1932)Elena Flondor (1866-1930)
William Blumenfeld (1860-1940)John Blumenfeld (1830-1893)Tamara Brickner (1833-1896)
John Blundell (1753-1826)Thomas Blundell (-1783)Elizabeth Comber (-1779)
... further results

81 Familypedia people were first married on March 15

 FatherMotherJoined with
Joshua Adams (1780-1863)Richard Saxton Adams (1734-1810)Lucy Matson (1741-1805)Elizabeth Chipman (1786-1856)
Henry Albert Albury (1852-1878)John Albury (1823-1855)Mary Ann Masters (1822-1901)Caroline Allen Unicomb (1857-1952)
Bethiah Andrews (1699-1780)Stephen Andrews (1671-1770)Bethiah Stetson (1675-1770)John Winslow (1701-1755)
Frederick John Barr (1890-1935)Alexander Hutchinson Barr (c1850-1924)Mary Goodsell (1860-1935)Amnia Elvin Morgan (1889-1956)
Mabel Elizabeth Bennett (1900-1979)William Bennett (1863-1923)Clara Bloomer (1870-1925)Clyde Andrew Stauffer (1895-1959)
Mary Pamela Berry (1918-1998)James Gomer Berry, 1st Viscount Kemsley (1883-1968)Mary Lilian Holmes (-1928)Douglas Charles Lindsey Gordon, 12th Marquess of Huntly (1908-1987)
Elizabeth Borton (1768-1838)Caleb Borton (1742-1802)Silence Willets (1745-1825)John Atkinson (1756-1837)
George William Boyce Bowden (1848-1938)Thomas Wheaton Bowden (1807-1878)Suzannah Kendall (1804-1881)Mary Gordon Andrews (c1851-1918)
James Brewster (1715-1755)Jonathan Brewster (1680-1753)Mary Partridge (1693-1743)Faith Ripley (1722-1787)
William Bridge (1819-1861)Joseph Bridge (1776-1829)Elizabeth Buffey (c1788-1872)Sarah Carpenter (1826-1914)
Henry John Buttsworth (1847-1918)John Buttsworth (1824-1896)Priscilla Anne Jones (1827-1897)Phyllis Wootton (1847-1932)
Betsy Maria Bybee (1860-1923)Byram Lee Bybee (1799-1864)Else Maria Knudsdatter (1820-1866)Joshua Holden Cook (1857-1931)
Mary Ann Carpenter (1824-1914)Thomas Carpenter (1775-1831)Catherine Shaw (1799-1894)James Redford Allen (c1815-bef1888)+Joseph Bridge (1814-1891)+Samuel Pateman (1815-1894)
Sarah Carpenter (1826-1914)Thomas Carpenter (1775-1831)Catherine Shaw (1799-1894)William Bridge (1819-1861)+Alfred Roland Hawkins (1847-1936)
William John Chaseling (1880-1942)Joshua Watsford Chaseling (1842-1894)Mary Ann Hull (1844-1923)Gertrude May Peterson (1888-1964)
... further results