Maria Yaroslavna of Borovsk was born circa 1418 in Russia to Yaroslav Vladimirovich of Maloyaroslavets (1389-1426) and Maria Fyodorovna Koshkina-Goltyayeva (c1415-a1456) and died 4 July 1485 Russia of unspecified causes. She married Vasili II Vasilyevich of Moscow (1415-1462) 8 February 1433 JL in Russia.

Maria Yaroslavna of Borovsk (c1418-1484) (Russian: Мария Ярославна) is the daughter of Yaroslav Vladimirovich, prince of Serpukhov, Borovsk and Maloyaroslavets and of Maria Fyodorovna (daughter of a boyar Fyodor Fyodorovich Koshkin-Goltyayev (c1390-c1430). In 1433 she married Vasily II, the Dark, Grand Duke of Moscow.

In the second year of marriage, after the sons of Prince Yuri of Zvenigorod, Vasili and Dmitri Yurevich seized power in Moscow, she was sent into exile to Galich, from where she was able to return only later.

On February 12, 1446 the princes Dmitri Shemyaka, Ivan Mozhaisky and Boris of Tver attacked Moscow, captured the city and put Maria Yaroslavna in jail. The afterwards captured Vasili II and on February 16 1446, decided to blind him and to sent him with his wife to Uglich. Later, when Vasili II regained power Maria Yaroslavna, along with Vasili's mother Sophia of Lithuania participated to a great extent in the activities and management of the principality.

Trying to ensure good relations with the clergy, she gave the Orthodox Church a range of privileges, particularly in 1450 when she exemptem the Monastery of the Holy Trinity of paying taxes and in 1471 when she granted the same privilege to the Monastery of Cyril of Belozero. After her husband's death in 1462 she inherited the principality of Rostov the city of Poshekhonye.

Chronicles describe Maria Yaroslavna as a wise mother, whose advice was frequenly sought by her adult children.

In 1482 she took the vows and entered a monastery under the name of the nun Martha.

Maria Yaroslavna died in 1484 . Was originally buried in the Ascension convent of the Moscow Kremlin. The convent had been subject to renovations and restoration in 1467, which had been funded from her personal funds. In 1929, when the convent was destroyed by the communist regime, her remains have been reburied in the Cathedral of the Archangel.



Offspring of Vasili II Vasilyevich of Moscow (1415-1462) and Maria Yaroslavna of Borovsk
Name Birth Death Joined with
Yuri of Moscow (1437-1441)
Ivan III Vasilyevich of Russia (1440-1505) 22 January 1440 Moscow, Russia 27 October 1505 Moscow, Russia Maria of Tver (1442-1467)
Zoe Palaiologina (c1448-1503)
Yuri of Dmitrov (1441-1472)
Andrei Vasilievich of Uglich (1446-1493)
Simeon of Moscow (1447-1449)
Boris of Volotsk (1449-1494)
Ana Vasilievna of Ryazan (1451-1501)
Andrei of Vologodsk (1452-1481)


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