Maria of Tver was born 1442 in Tver, Tver Oblast, Russia to Boris Aleksandrovich of Tver (c1399-1461) and Nastasiya Andeyevna Mozhaisky (?-?) and died April 1467 Moscow, Russia of unspecified causes.

Maria Borisovna of Tver (Russian: Мария Борисовна) (1442 - 1467) was the first wife of Grand Prince Ivan III and daughter of Boris Alexandrovich of Tver and of his first wife Anastasiya Andreyevna Mozhaisky.

When Vasili II (Ivan III's father) was getting ready to attack Dmitri Shemyaka, he found an ally in the person of Boris of Tver. The two decided to seal the alliance by arranging a betrothal between the future Ivan III and Maria of Tver in 1447 when she was only 5 years old. The wedding took place in Moscow on June 4, 1452 when Maria was only ten years old.

She died in 1467, allegedly from poisoning. According to the chronicles of Joseph Volotsky, she had not been very healthy since her childhood. Her marriage when she was still very young may have caused additional illness.

In 1458 she gave birth to Ivan Ivanovich of Russia (also known as Ivan the Young).

She was buried in the Dormition cathedral of Moscow.


Offspring of Ivan III Vasilyevich of Russia (1440-1505) and Maria of Tver
Name Birth Death Joined with
Ivan Ivanovich of Russia (1458-1490)


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Maria of Tver (1442-1467)
Born: c. 1442 - 1467
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Grand Princess consort of Muscovy
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