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Mariya Mikhailovna of Chernigov was born 1211 to Mikhail Vsevolodovich of Chernigov (1179-1246) and Yelena Romanovna of Halych (c1190-c1237) and died 9 December 1271 of unspecified causes. She married Vasilko Konstantinovich of Rostov (1209-1238) 10 February 1227 JL in Moscow, Russia. Alfred the Great (849-899)/s, Charlemagne (747-814)/s, Rollo of Normandy (860-932)/s.

Maria Mikhailovna (c1211—9 December 1271) - the princess of Chernigov and the princess of Rostov, daughter of Mikhail Vsevolodovich and Vasilko Konstantinovich of Rostov's wife.

On February 10, 1227, she married Vasilko in Moscow in the Church of the Annunciation. After Vasilko's death on March 4, 1238, in the headquarters, Maria founded in memory of her husband at mile from Rostov the Saviour on the Sand Knyaginin Convent, which included the Dormition Cathedral of Rostov where she was buried in 1271. Maria Mikhailovna was a highly educated for her time and an active woman. Under her leadership, the young princes comprehended the basics of literacy and morality, and the Bishop of Rostov Kirill, acted as a spiritual mentor. The princess and Kirill were the organizers of the Rostov chronicle. D.S. Likhachev noted that the Rostov chronicles were not of a narrow nature, but raised great social issues of that time, giving them a religious and moral tint.

Sons: Boris Vasilkovich of Rostov (1231-1277), Prince of Rostov Gleb Vasilkovich of Beloozero (1237-1278), prince of Beloozero


Offspring of Mariya Mikhailovna of Chernigov and Vasilko Konstantinovich of Rostov (1209-1238)
Name Birth Death Joined with
Boris Vasilkovich of Rostov (1231-1277) 24 June 1231 16 September 1277 Rostov, Russia Mariya Yaroslavna of Murom (1232-1297)
Gleb Vasilkovich of Beloozero (1237-1278) 1237 1278 Feodora Sartakovna (c1240-1273)



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