Mary Ada Lincoln Crume was born 20 January 1775 in Linville, Rockingham County, Virginia to Abraham Lincoln (1744-1786) and Bathsheba Herring (c1746-1836) and died before 1832 Fairfield, Breckinridge County, Kentucky of unspecified causes. She married Daniel Edgar Crume (1758-1824) 1791 in Kentucky. She married Ralph Crume (1779-1832) 5 August 1801 in Kentucky.


Mary Lincoln was born at Linville Creek, Rockingham County, Virginia and is buried in the cemetery at Crume Valley, Breckenridge County, Kentucky.

She was the aunt of the 16th President of the United States, Abraham Lincoln (1809-1865). Abraham Lincoln highlighted his Aunt Mary Lincoln in an autobiographical sketch written for his political campaign. In this biographical sketch he highlighted his ancestry and extended relatives including Mary Lincoln, the eldest of his father's sisters. He also indicated that some of her descendants were known to be in Breckenridge County, Kentucky.

Early Life and Family

Mary Lincoln Crume is buried on the old Crume family lands in Breckinridge county, Kentucky.

Mary Lincoln was the third child of Captain Abraham Lincoln and his wife, Bathsheba Herring (c1742-1836), a daughter of Alexander Herring (c. 1708 - 1778) and his wife Abigail Harrison (c. 1710 – c. 1780) of Linville Creek. Five children were born to Abraham and Bathsheba Lincoln: Mordecai born circa 1771, Josiah born circa 1773, Mary born circa 1775, Thomas born 1778, and Nancy born 1780.

Mary was born at the Lincoln Family Homestead, Linville Creek in then Augusta County, Virginia (now Rockingham County, Virginia). At age 6, her parents sold their land and the family moved to Jefferson county, Kentucky.

Marriage & Family

1st Marriage: Daniel Crume

Mary Lincoln was the second wife of Daniel Edgar Crume (27 Jan 1758 - 16 Sep 1824), a common law marriage that began after the death of his first wife in about 1791 and ended before 1801. From this union two daughters were born to Daniel Crume and Mary Lincoln: Sarah Crume Hasty (25 Jan 1792 - 7 Jul 1879) and Elizabeth W. Crume Davis (1794 - 2 Aug 1880).

2nd Marriage: Ralph Crume

Her second marriage was to Ralph Crume, the nephew of Daniel Edgar Crume (her first husband), on 5 Aug 1801. Ralph Crume and Mary Lincoln had the following children: Dr. William Cox Crume (7 Apr 1804 - Sep 1875), Ann Crume (1805-?), and Ralph Lincoln Crume (1809-before 1859).


Offspring of Daniel Edgar Crume (1758-1824) and Mary Ada Lincoln Crume
Name Birth Death Joined with
Sarah Crume (1792-1879)
Elizabeth W Crume (1794-1880)

Offspring of Ralph Crume (1779-1832) and Mary Ada Lincoln Crume
Name Birth Death Joined with
William Crume (1804-1875)
Ann Crume (1805-)
Ralph Lincoln Crume (1809-1859)


Offspring of Abraham Lincoln (1744-1786) and Bathsheba Herring (c1746-1836)
Name Birth Death Joined with
Mordcai Lincoln (1771-1830) 1771 Augusta County, Virginia 1830 Fountain Green, Hancock County, Illinois Mary Mudd (1775-1859)
Josiah Lincoln (1773-1835) 10 July 1765 Bridgewater, Rockingham County, Virginia 19 September 1835 Depauw, Harrison County, Indiana Katherine Barlow (1774-1817)
Mary Ada Lincoln (1775-1832) 20 January 1775 Linville, Rockingham County, Virginia 1832 Fairfield, Breckinridge County, Kentucky Daniel Edgar Crume (1758-1824)
Ralph Crume (1779-1832)
Thomas Lincoln (1778-1851) 6 January 1778 Rockingham County, Virginia, United States 17 January 1851 Coles County, Illinois, United States Nancy Hanks (1784-1818)
Sarah Bush (1788-1869)
Nancy Lincoln (1780-1845) 25 March 1780 Elizabethtown, Hardin County, Kentucky 9 October 1843 Hardin County, Kentucky William Brumfield (1778-1858)

Research Notes

death year is uncertain, but a 18 October 1832 Breckinridge Chancery Court ruling does not list Mary as being among the heirs of Ralph Jr. Others have said that Mary died and was buried in Vermillion County, Indiana (probably because of the census), but no evidence of this has surfaced. Other reports have her being buried at Mill Creek cemetery in Fort Knox KY, but that person is Mary [Brumfield] Crume, daughter-in-law of Mary [Lincoln] Crume and first wife of Ralph Lincoln Crume.



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