Mary Carne was born in approximately 1717 in Cornwall, England. Her origins are currently unknown, but it is possible that she is the daughter of Henry Carne who was baptised at Ludgvan in Cornwall on the 9th March 1717. If this is her, then her sister is Joan Karn who married Peter Trounson. This couple had a son called Peter who would marry Mary's daughter Margaret - which meant they were cousins.

It should be noted that the spelling of the surname Carne occurs in different format in official records. Other spellings include KARN, KARNE and CARN. The spelling of 'Carne' used for Mary is how it appears on her marriage record.


Mary married Joel James at St. Hilary in Cornwall on the 9th October 1748. His origins are currently unknown. Both Joel and Mary were in their late 20s, early 30s at the time of the marriage, which is different from most marriages that occured at the time, in people's late teens or early twenties.

The couple would have and raise their children in St. Hilary. There is some confusion between baptism records as to whether their first few children were baptised in Marazion (which is very close to St. Hilary and managed by the same parish clerk at the time) but a check of the baptism images confirms all the children were baptised at St. Hilary.

Death of Daughter[]

Joel and Mary's first born daughter Elizabeth died at age 2 and was buried in Marazion on the 3rd May 1753. Their next daughter, born later that year, would be named after her.


Mary died in the year 1784 and was buried at St. Hilary on 7th July 1784, aged 66. The burial entry states 'Morbo Gutteris' next to her name, which indicates a cause of death. What this is has not been determined. It is possible that it is a mistranscription of 'Morbus Gallicus', which is an archaic term for syphilis, or a translation of a term for 'goiter' (sometimes known as 'gutter throat').

Her husband Joel would outlive her by 4 years.


Name Birth Death
Children of Joel and Mary James

Joel baptised 25/09/1749
baptised St Hilary, Cornwall

Elizabeth baptised 19/07/1751
baptised St Hilary, Cornwall
buried 03/05/1753
buried Marazion, Cornwall

Elizabeth baptised 18/09/1753
baptised St Hilary, Cornwall

Ann baptised 03/08/1755
baptised St Hilary, Cornwall

Margaret baptised 25/04/1762
baptised St Hilary, Cornwall
Nancemellin, Camborne, Cornwall