Mary Hutchinson Wheelwright was born 22 December 1605 in Alford, Lincolnshire, England to Edward Hutchinson (1564-1631) and Susanna Wheelright (1564-1646) and died after 1662 Salisbury, Essex County, Massachusetts of unspecified causes. She married John Wheelwright (1593-1679) 1629 in Alford, Lincolnshire, England.

Mary was baptised on 22 December 1605, married John Wheelwright (1593-1679) in 1629, and immigrated to New England.


  • 1605 - Birth in England
  • 1629 - Marriage in England to John Wheelwright after the death of his first wife, first 3 children born in Alford, Lincolnshire
  • 1636 - Migration with Wheelwright/Hutchinson Family to New England
  • 1638 - Antinomium Controversy forces Wheelwrights to Exeter NH
  • 1642 - Moved to Wells ME
  • 1647 - Moved to Hampton NH
  • 1655 - Returned to Alford, Lincolnshire
  • 1662 - Returned to Salisbury MA


Mary, baptised 22 December 1605 married John Wheelwright sometime about 1630 when she was 24 years old. Wheelwright's first wife, Mary Storre, died in 1629, leaving him with three small children. Following his marriage to Mary, the couple had three children baptised in England (one died young) and five more in New England. Wheelwright had been the vicar of the parish church in Bilsby, Lincolnshire for ten years when in 1633 he was released from the position, apparently for simony when he tried to sell his position back to the patron. He may have been trying to gather funds for a trip to New England, but instead was forced to find other employment until he was finally able to emigrate in 1636. Mary's mother, the widowed Susanna Hutchinson, likely sailed to New England with the Wheelwrights, because she lived with this family for the remainder of her life.

Once in New England, Wheelwright quickly became embroiled in the events of the Antinomian Controversy that was shaking the foundation of the young Massachusetts colony. When he was banished, and spent the winter of 1637-1638 in southern New Hampshire, Mary, her children, and her mother stayed at their farm in Mount Wollaston, about ten miles south of Boston. They then joined him in the foundling settlement of Exeter, where they stayed for a few years. They were then compelled to move once again, by early 1642, this time to Wells, Maine, and this is where Mary's mother died. In early 1647 Wheelwright was given a pastoring position at the church in Hampton (then a part of the Bay Colony), where the family moved next. They were together here as a family for almost ten years, but by 1655 they were back in Mary's home town in England where on 12 December a salary augmentation of £60 was to be granted "to John Wheelwright, minister of Alford, co. Lincoln, who has a great charge of children, beside[s] the £40 already allowed." Upon their return from England in 1662 the family moved to Salisbury, Massachusetts where Wheelwright died in 1679. All that is known about Mary is that she predeceased him.




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